The differences between brushless DC motors and brushed DC motors

The brushed DC motors have been in commercial use since 1886. Brushless DC motors, however, have only been
commercially possible since 1962. Recently the Brushless DC motors is becaming more and more popular in
airless paint sprayers, then let us know the difference between these type of motors.
1. Appliaction
Brushless DC motors are commonly used where precise speed control is necessary, as in aeromodelling, precision
instruments and other equipments.
While brushed DC motors are usually in common powered devices, such as hair dryers, pant motor, kitchen
ventilation, etc. The universal Motors also could reach a high speed, but has short lifetime than bruless motor,
due to the wear of brush.

2. lifetime
The BLDC motors uaually could be used more than ten of thousands hours. Of course, the lifetime decides on the
quality of bearing in motor.
Brushed DC motor has more than thousands hours. Once the motor is up to the service time, the brush should be
replaced, or the bearing of motor will be wore.

3. Performace
BLDC motor adopts converter control system, which is easy contron and reach the high speed from ten circles to
The speed of Brushed DC motor is stable, and hardly be changed.

4. Energy efficiency
It be approved that the BLDC motors have more high efficient than universal motors. The most obvious example is
Frequency conversion air conditioning and refrigeration.

5. Maintenance
The brushed motors generally should be replaced the brush, once the brush is wore. On the contrast, The BLDC
motor not only have more than 10 time of lifetime than brushed motor, but also almost without aintenance.

6. Noise
Noise depends on the bearing and other parts in the motor.
Brush-less DC motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including increased reliability, reduced
noise, longer lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), elimination of ionizing sparks

1, brushless, low interference
Brushless DC motors is not only without the brush, but also with the spark generated when the motor is running,
so it could greatly reduce interference for the remote control radio

2, low noise, smooth operation
Due to brushless, the Brushless motor is running more smoothly and lower noise. which is especilly used for the
large equipments

3, long lifetime, low maintenance costs
the wear of the brushless motor is on the bearing. so on the mechanical point of view, this type of motor is
without maintenance, and generally just to keep the surface clean.

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