Helpful Operating Tips for DP Airless Paint Sprayers

Some Helpful Operating Tips for DP Airless Paint Sprayers as summed up as below.

1.The spray gun has become clogged. The filter or the tip/nozzle can get clogged from time to time. Stop using the spray gun, remove the clogged item from the machine, and rinse it out with water. Replace a damaged tip/nozzle or filter. If you have a tip that is reversible, then turn it 180 degrees and run the paint on the lowest possible setting.
2.The spray pattern has tails on it. This means you’re not achieving enough pressure. Your tip is probably worn out. You may also have the pressure setting too low. If increasing the pressure doesn’t work, then replace the worn-out tip immediately.
3.The motor on my spray gun is really hot. This means your spray nozzle is too small for the paint. It is causing the motor to run hot. Decrease your pressure and increase your nozzle size.
4.The spray gun won’t work at all. There can be hardened or even frozen paint in your machine. If the paint has hardened, then you’ll need to replace your pump packings. If the paint has frozen, then allow the spray gun to thaw at room temperature, but be prepared for the need to replace your spray gun.


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