DP-900B Multifunctional power drywall sander

  • Model Number: DP-900B
  • Machine Power: electric powered
  • Voltage: 200-240v/50&60hz 110v/50&60hz
  • Motor power: 600W / 0.82hp
  • Net weight: without extension tube: 4.5kg , with extension tube: 5.0kg
  • Package: color box / in carton
  • Measurement: 79*62*27cm , 2.6*2*0.9ft ( 2pcs per carton)
  • Container load quantity: 221CNT/20FT,448CNT/40FT,544CNT/40HQ
  • Free load speed: 0-1000rpm
  • Sanding motion: Rotation
  • Grinding pad diameter: 215mm
  • Sandpaper diameter: 225mm
  • Length: Short-length (without extension tube) 123mm-165mm , Long-length (with extension tube) 220mm
DP-900B long handle electric drywall polisher foldable

DP-900B long handle electric drywall polisher foldable


This multifunctional power drywall sander is a top-quality products. And it has a unique articlation danding head,  the head can swivel in multiple directions allowing the abrasive pad to conform to the work surface.

Specifications of DP-900B multifunctional electric drywall sander: 

* Frequency / Voltage: 230V/50Hz; 600W

* No load speed:0-1000 rpm

* Sanding Motion: Rotation

* Grinding Pad Diameter:215mm

* Sandpaper Diameter:225mm

* Tube Diameter:32mm

* Short-length (without extension tube): From 123mm to 165mm

* Long-length (with extension tube):220mm

* Weight (without extension tube): 4.5kg

* Weight (with extension tube): 5.0kg

* Packing: color box / in carton

* Measurement: 79*62*27cm ( 2pcs per carton)


Features of DP-900B multifunctional electric drywall sander:

Protection Class: II


It offers 2 options for extracting dust:internal extraction and external extraction for dust particles


165cm/220cm long and ideal for sanding high walls and ceilings-right up to the edge. Ergonomic and effortless handling


Smooth working progress with machine’s length of 123cm, even when the workplace is cramped, conveying idea of compactness and effectiveness


Removable Brush Segment to reach up the edge with ease


The robust drive system transfers the power efficiently to the sanding

pad and ensures a long service life


CE & GS Approval


Standard Accessories 

1.18pieces (60#,80#,120#,150#,180#,240#)of sanding paper with dia.225mm

2. 2 connection adapters

3. 4m flexible pipe for extracting dust

4. a pair of carbon brushes

5. 2-function spanners

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