DP-K17 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun for Automotive Furniture Fine Finish Painting

      DP-K17 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun

      DP-K17/A-13 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun


      Features of DP-K17/A-13Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun:

      1.New fluid transferring pump with high capacity, light weight and compact size.

      2. High quality PTFE membrane in large diameter, generate big volume output,

      and last longer lifetime without problem.

      3. Air valve with double spool.

      4. High precision paint pressure regulator & output regulator.

      5. Low and high manifold with inner diameter enlarged easy

      for cleaning and inspection.

      6. Could be used for Automotive Furniture Fine Finish Painting,

      chemical, oil, fluid transfer etc.

      Technical Data of DP-K17/A-13 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun:

      Model Number: DP-K17
      Max. Deliver Capacity: 17L/min
      Max Air Pressure: 7bar/101.5psi
      Start Pressure : Planar Vlave 1.6bar
      Low Pressure Valve: 0.5bar
      Liquid Inlet and Outlet Size: 3/8″ NPT
      Air Inlet and Outlet Size: 1/4″ NPT
      Air Consumption: 150NL/min
      Max. Grain Diameter: 2.0mm
      Net Weight: 9kgs
      Carton Box Size: 38*37*47cm

      W-101 Air Spray Gun

      W-101 Air Spray Gun

      Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian

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      1. Dardan
        2017/02/10 at 18:10:47

        Interested for all of your products,can you send me prices please.
        Or we can write by whatssup

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