Model No.: DP-6151 paint roller

Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Imput Power: 45W

Free-load Speed: 3000rpm

Max. Presure: 4bar/60psi

Painting Delivery: 0.4L/min

With 3.5m hose and 23*6cm roller cover

Features of DP6151 electric paint roller:

1.Automatic paint feed for fast painting.
2.Spatter shield to prevent drips
3.Clean-up faucet adapter for fast hose clean-up.
4.extension bar 35.6cm  is available for increased high job site.
5.Easy using, and easy cleaning.
6.This electric paint roller has Auto feeding system which will save much of your time,

and improve your painting efficiency.
7.Extension pole will help you reach the corner or high wall latex rolling.

8.If you only need to decorate your new house for the walls indoor,

or just want to refinishing one of your old room, this ELECTRIC PAINT ROLLER

could be  your best choice. it’s designed for small size latex rolling jobs.

and you don’t need to move your furnitures out,

very fast and easy working.


Below is another popular electric paint roller DP-AR100 which could be made both electrical and battery powered.

AR100 Automatic Paint RollerAR100 Automatic Paint Roller


How does a power roller work? what’s the advantage?

The electric power roller use a peristaltic pump which keep squeezing a tube in the pump, and the tube would generate vacuum which will suck the paint to the suction tube.

The paint goes up and up smoothly from the suction tube, to the pump tube, to the 4m long tube to the roller.

Read more at the link AR100 Automatic Paint Roller

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    2017/07/02 at 03:24:18

    we want to know the price , guarantee , service and the authorized dealer in Kerala.

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