Airless paint sprayer – diaphragm pump

Airless paint sprayer – diaphragm pump

The Diaphragm pump airless sprayers could generate very stable spraying pressure

A diaphragm pump airless sprayer also uses a piston, but the piston moves hydraulic oil to move the diaphragm, which in turn sucks up the paint and then pushes it through the hose and gun.

No moving parts touch the diaphragm. The movement of the piston and hydraulic fluid cause the diaphragm to move up and down very rapidly.

There are no packings in the Diaphragm Pump Airless Sprayers, but check valves are still necessary. Specially you need to check the Suction valve, out valve, pressure regulating valve, prime valve. and the diaphragm need to be replaced before its lifetime

  •  DP6382 larius dali airless paint pump

    DP6382 Dali model airless paint pump

    Motor power: 1.5HP / 1100W Max. tip size: 0.023"
    Max.pressure: 25Mpa / 250bar / 3600psi Flow rate: 3.6L/min / 0.95gpm


    DP6382  airless paint spray equipment Dali model type is suitable for most kinds of colorant, varnish, lacker, Medium to high viscosity latex paint, emulsion coating etc. For Medium to big area indoor / outdoor wall painting, decoration, construction, anticorrosive project etc. Technical Data o...

Do You Know How A Diaphragm Pump Works?

A diaphragm pump uses the sprayer’s motor to create pulsing hydraulic pressure (a hydraulic system using oil) to drive the pump. During the upstroke or intake stroke, the diaphragm is pulled up, creating a partial vacuum.....Read more

How Much Oil Should I Add Into The Diaphragm Pump Sprayer

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Why My Diaphragm Pump Sprayer Doesnt Suck The Paint

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Do you know how a diaphragm pump works?

A diaphragm pump uses the sprayer’s motor to create pulsing hydraulic pressure (a hydraulic system using oil) to drive the pump. During the upstroke or intake stroke, the diaphragm is pulled up, creating a partial vacuum within the paint chamber...
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Airless Paint Sprayer Cleaning Guide

Cleaning your airless sprayer properly and after every spray job is of the most importance! Proper care and maintenance make your paint sprayer long lifetime and work for you trouble free. Probably half our repair work is due to lack of and/or unsati...
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