how to change carbon brush for DP6388B airless sprayer

how to change carbon brush for DP6388B DIY airless sprayer?

please download the instruction here

this is the instruction to teach how to change the carbon brush.


The motor for DP6388B / 6310 is high speed (about 15000rpm at free-loading, and about 8000rpm with loading)

so the carbon brush is much more faster worn than the normal PMDC motor.

we recommend the user to change the carbon brush for 6388B/ 6310 after 160 – 180 hours working time.


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1 comment

  1. Tam Nghia
    2016/03/02 at 01:44:31

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have just bought an airless sprayer DP6388B. I carefully read all Owner’s Manual to prepare to use it. But I cannot find WHERE is the OIL CUP of the sprayer to fill pistol lube as instruction on page 4 of Manual.

    Could you please assist me by showing me how to fill pistol lube into the sprayer?
    I would be grateful of you support.

    Kind regards,

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