seeking representative in each country

in order to have deep cooperation in each country, we are seeking to have representative in each country

we hope to find one reliable partner to be our DP representative in one country

and for this, we’ll try our best to support our representative with the price and service .

and some other extra advantages compare to others distributors / importers.

For example, we’ll ask the end users / small retailers to buy from our representative directly if we get inquiry from them, we don’t quote the price to them,

and we can make advertisement through google local language site, and we’ll forward the inquiry to our representative directly,

we will have the representative’s web site linking in ours, as seen in the bottom already,

we’ll forward all the technical details, video, download, cdr brochure etc. to our representative directly, so that they could print it for advertise / show / exhibition / brochure etc. in their own local language.



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1 comment

  1. Orlando Bulfeda
    2014/05/28 at 16:11:12

    Good afternoon.

    Where we can buy two DP-6119


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