required compressor for K301 pneumatic airless sprayer

what’s the requirement for the pneumatic airless paint sprayer K151 / K301 / K451?

some clients just wondering how big the compressor required for these pumps, actually these small K series airless paint sprayers is very good designed and has very low air consumption.  based on our testing, the 2hp (200L/min), 2.5hp (230L/min), or 3hp (350L/min) portable air compressor is ok for the machine, the pressure required is just standard (0-8bar, 120psi, 8kgs/cm2), and the tank could be 50Liter.

normally people will chose small tip size 0.013″ / 0.015″ for the furniture or wood finishing. if you use tip size bigger than 0.021″, you may need maximum 500L/min big compressor for ensuring the constant spraying with fine finish.

This is the portable pneumatic airless equipment with small air motor  (160mm diameter)



we have another series with bigger air motor 250mm diameter (K201 / K321 / K501)

for this series, it need air compressor bigger than 2.5hp (230L/min),  but if you use tip size bigger than 0.025″, you need bigger air compressor with more compressed air output of course.

the maximum air consumption for this big pump is 1000L/min, that’s from the 7.5hp belt-driven compressor or even more.


K301-pneumatic-airless sprayer 30:1/15:1/45:1DP-K301 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1)


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