How to Maintenance your Airless Paint Sprayers

How to Maintenance your Airless Sprayer


Flushing your airless sprayer out is extremely important. Thinners for anything oil-based. Water for any latex or acrylic based paints(stains). I generally do a three step process in the clean up cycle. Purge out all the paint with a bucket of water. Change your water and cycle it until the water comes out clean, using two buckets drawing from the clean into the waste bucket. Take the extra time to run hot soapy water through the system, this helps to wash any build up in the system, allow it to cycle at full pressure in the prime state and through your airless spray gun.

If for any reason you put a sprayer away for storage for any length of time after cleaning it thoroughly cycle paint thinners through the pump and spray lines. Thinners protect your pump in too ways it breaks up any build up, keeps it lubed. Thinners don’t freeze either, so if you store it outside your ok. If you store your airless spray pump(sprayer) outside with water in it and it freezes it will expand and contracting causing your pump pressure to loose integrity.

Changing seals and O ring’s are often necessary to maintain a constant flow of pressure. There are many of them in airless paint sprayer, and a little scratch or a crack in one of them can disturb the flow of your spray pattern or even stop your pump from priming. Seals and o rings can be found in your tip housing, your wand extension and in your pump housing where the siphon hose meets the pump.
Changing you filters is highly recommended. You should have multiple filters any way for the different products you spay. For every application from varnish to primer, each application has a different machine filter, gun filter, and tip for spraying. If you take them out and clean them while flushing your machine they last for a very long time. I also recommend using a quart can with thinners to keep your assortment of airless spray gun tips.


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