How to classify the Airless Paint Sprayers?

DP-X3 Electric Airless Piston Pump with Roller

Airless sprayers are typically rated using these methods:

  • Maximum tip size (with one gun, with two guns, etc.)
  • Liter per minute (lpm)
  • Pounds per square inch or the maximum pressure (psi)
  • Horse power (hp)

Lpm(Liter per minute )/gpm—(gallons per minute) a flow rate measurement associated with thepump’s output capacity and the tip orifice (hole) size. There is no industrystandard for rating a sprayer’s output capacity.

airless pulverizator de vopsea

psi—(pounds per square inch) a pressure measurement.

The pressure rating (e.g., 3300 psi) is the maximum working pressure (stall

pressure) of the sprayer. That is, the maximum amount of pressure the

sprayer is able to build. However, the pressure at the tip does not equal the

maximum working pressure. Hose length, tip size, the type of coating being

sprayed, and even the filters impact the amount of pressure available at the tip

while spraying.

Pulverizator Airless Pompă piston

Typical maximum airless sprayer pressure ratings:

  • 2000 psi
  • 2800 psi
  • 3000 psi
  • 3300 psi
  • 4000 psi


Typical atomization pressures needed for airless applications:

  • 800-1100 psi for lacquers
  • 1200-1800 psi for stains
  • 2000+ for latex coatings

hp—(horse power) a performance rating for the sprayer’s motor or engine.

There are a variety of motor types, operating speeds and torque capabilities

available. This makes horsepower a confusing rating method for distributors

and end-users alike. Some contractors prefer to have the biggest motor

available because they believe it means more power and longer sprayer life.

This is not necessarily true, the motor and sprayer should be matched to the

jobs requirements.


Overall, the tip size rating is the most useful rating method for selecting tips

and sprayers for your job.


Maximum Tip Size—a rating that indicates the largest tip size (i.e., orifice) a sprayer is capable of supporting, while maintaining a good spray pattern.

The maximum tip size will depend on the type of coating being sprayed and

the amount of pressure needed to atomize the coating.


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