How to choose the correct airless spray tip

The airless spray tip you choose depends on the size of the job, the thickness of the coating you need and the material you are spraying.  The two variables on airless spray tips are the size of the orifice and the width of the fan. A larger orifice delivers more paint per square foot, while a wider fan width delivers less. Choose the tip to regulate paint flow to minimize dripping, sagging and over spray while maximizing coverage. Keep in mind the type of paint you are spraying, remembering that the gun sprays stains and thin paints like primer faster than it sprays heavier exterior paints and enamels. If paint is sputtering from the gun, consider using a tip with a wider orifice before thinning the paint.

Here are some the most popular spray tip sizes
– 415 Most popular size for spraying just about anything. Walls, doors, ceilings, decks, exterior walls,
exterior siding a good all around tip.
– 517 Very popular for spraying interior. walls, and interior. ceilings.
– 413 Good size for doors, and ext. overhang and ext. siding.
– 313 Same areas as 413, just for narrower areas.
– 515 About the same areas as a 415, just a bit wider fan width.
– 211 Very small tip, used for spraying baseboard installed up on the wall. And for exterior facial
board, you will need a extra fine red gun filter for spraying with this small of a tip.



DP-XT Reversible Airless Spray Tip, Tip Gasket & Tip Guard Combo Kit

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