Adjust the Spray Volume on an Airless Paint Sprayer

The spray wand needs to be adjusted properly to apply the correct spraying effect to your wall. It is important to follow the safety instructions

1. Remove the plastic cap from the fluid outlet on the paint sprayer.
2. Screw a more than 3000 psi airless spray hose onto the fluid outlet.
3. Screw your airless spray gun to the end of the pressure hose.
4. Prepare the paint material you will spray. Pour it into the paint reservoir.
5.Turn the knob for the primer/pr valve to the “open” position.
6. Screw the sprayer tip onto the gun.
7. Flip the power switch for the machine to the “On” position. Do not aim the sprayer gun at you, or anyone else, from this point forward.
8.Turn the pressure control knob next to the power switch clockwise to create a prime in the hose. Turn it to the closed position once the machine runs smoothly.
9.Spray paint from the wand onto a scrap piece of wood. Turn the pressure control knob until the paint is at the right pressure.

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