DP-3200 Hand-push Type Hot Thermoplastic Roadline Marking Machine


DP-3200 Hand-push Type Hot Thermoplastic Roadline Marking Machine

DP-3200 Hand-push Type Hot Thermoplastic Roadline Marking Machine


DP-3200 Hand-push Type Hot Thermoplastic Roadline Marking Machine is professional equipment for heavy roadline marking job,

it is made up of 9 main components, including Stainless Heating Pot(Heat Preserving),

Clutch Actuator, Back-up Trunk, Back wheels Locator,

Glass Bead Container, Marking Hopper, Heating System, Walking System, etc.

DP-3200A is automatic self-propelled road painting machine by walking behind, but much easier to push it on the incline road.

DP-3200AM is self-propelled line painting machine plus automatic mixing, so that the thermoplastic paint won’t get sediment during spraying job.


Techincal Specifications:

Model No.: DP-3200

Dimension: 132*85*100cm

Net Weight: 120kgs

Coating Loading Capacity: 100kgs per time

Width of Marking Line: 100/150/200/300/400/450mm(by changing different line marking hopper)

Thickness of Marking Line: 1.0-2.5mm

Marking Speed: 1.5km/h

Heating Temperature: 180-210℃

Heating Method: by burning petroleum gas


Features and Advantages:

1. This thermoplastic line painting machine has light and compact body structure, outer shape looks comfortable.

2. Lift type design for the handles, operators could adjust the height according to their own requirements.

3. The hot painting striper maching has automatic glass beads dispenser.

4. With speed regulating equipment for dispensing the glass beeds, 2 tap positions for option.

5. The heating bucket is temperature retaining and it could be detachable,

inside there is mixer design to solve the common material stock problem.

6. The pointer is adjustable, which will somehow improve working efficiency.

7. The marking hooper is made of high precision steel, high temperature resisting,

corrosion resisting, not easily deformed, fast heating, etc.

8. The wheels are made of imported high-quality rubber and fine steel,

quite durable and portable.


DP-3200 Thermoplastic Roadline Marking Machine

line marking machine for hot thermoplastic road marking













1. Stainless Heating Pot

(Heat Preserving)

2. Torch

3. Back-up Trunk

4. Back wheels Locator

5. Glass Bead Container

6. Marking Hopper

7. Ruler

8. Feeding Door

9. Releasing Door

10. Handle for Feeding Door

11. Upper Handle for Marking Hopper(supporting handle)

12. Lower Handle for Marking Hopper(disconnecting switch handle)

13. Petroleum gas valve

14. Mixer Axis


this painting machine could be attached to the ride-on line booster as below picture

DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Stiper



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