Road line marking machine, line striper system

Below is a video of our roadline striper, line marking machine DP3400L

It’s used for the normal paint / latex paint on the road, or repaint the old lines.

please note this machine is not designed for hot / heated thermo plastic paint.


and meanwhile we have the whole range of line marking painting machines from small 1.4L/min to big hydraulic pump up to 13L/min

we can attach the glass bead dispenser to these roadline painting machines also.

we can use Chinese low brand petrol engine . or Honda petrol engine. based on the requirement of our clients.

and meanwhile we could supply the hot / heated thermal plastic paint for high way / street .

Advantages of thermoplastic

  • Superior reflection values
  • UV light will degrade the road marking surface, enabling new glass beads to appear on the line surface
  • Short drying time. No need for cones
  • Spray up to 2 mm Speed up to 20 km/h
  • Many types structured markings, 2-10 mm layer. Speed up to 5 km/h
  • Environmentally-friendly – less evaporation to surroundings
  • Easy clean

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