Putty/plaster/cement mortar sprayers

Putty/plaster/cement mortar sprayers

The putty / plaster / cement mortar / gypsum / texture sprayer machines are screw pump spraying system.

The screw pump has different size rotor / stator for grains up to 3mm 4mm 5mm.

The screw pumps putty /plaster /cement mortar sprayer are ideal for building / construction companies and contractors becase of its high efficiency for spraying putty / plaster / cement mortar / gypsum / drywall mud / lime based / texture etc.

  • DP-N80R Diesel Engine driving Cement Mortar Grouting Machine


    DP-N80R  Cement Mortar Grouting Machine is specially designed for cement mortar/concrete grouting with high efficiency. With powerful diesel engine driving & one-button easy start, no power / electricity needed on the job site , which will be easy to use in the jobsite specially outdoor or n...

  • DP-N9/250 Spraying Mixing Grouting Delivering 4 in 1

    DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Foam Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer


      DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine, This machine is Spraying/Mixing /Grouting/Delivering 4-in-1 multi functional spraying machine, can be used for all premixed dry mortar and site-made mixes. The worm pump has lightwe...

  • DP-S4 Cement Mortar Sprayer

    DP-S4 Cement Mortar Sprayer


      DP-S4 is specially developed for spraying cement mortar/slurry at the most efficient way, of quite durable quality, widely used in all kinds of construction projects for spraying cement mortar on interior and exterior walls.   Model No.: DP-S4 Voltage/Frequency:...

  • DP-N9 Cement Mortar Grouting Machine

    DP-N9 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine


    DP-N9/DP-N9M EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer/Air Concrete Sprayer/Foam Concrete Spray Machine is specialy designed for cement mortar/concrete grouting with high efficiency. DP-N9 is without  mixer, DP-N9M with mixer. Applications of DP-N9 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Fo...

  • 75L HOPPER CUP for putty plaster spraying

    DP-HC75 Hopper Cup for Putty Plaster Spraying 75L


      Application: combined with airless paint sprayers for heavy putty plaster spraying. Model No.: DP-HC75 Hopper Volume: 75L...

  • dp-n10-cement-mortar-grouting-machine

    DP-N10 Cement Mortar Grouting Machine


    DP-N10/DP-N10C/DP-N10MC Cement Mortar Grouting Machine is specialy designed for cement mortar/concrete grouting with high efficiency. DP-N10 is without air compresssor or mixer, DP-N10C is with air compressor while without mixer, DP-N10MC is with both air compressor and mixer. Applications ...

  • DP-CH100 Cement mortar Spray gun,Cement Hopper Sprayer


    Recommended air compressor pressure: 6-8bar Recommended Air compressor capacity: more than 600L/min air output, motor power 4-5.5kw Carton box package. N.W. 2.5kgs  Measurement: 83*31*29cm Spraying distance to the wall: 30cm Max. spraying volume: 25L/min Designed for plaster and ...

  • Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump, For Putty Plaster Spraying

    DP-T3 Texture Paint Sprayer With Screw Pump


    The DP-T3 Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump is a new, compact texture spraying unit equipped with Stainless steel hopper, for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives. Specifications of Texture Paint Sprayer With Scr...

  • cement mortar sprayers

    DP-N2 Cement mortar sprayer (without mixing function)

    Motor power: 4kw
    Flow rate: 3 – 20 liters / min


        DP-N2/DP-N2A/N2V(Belt-Adjusting-Speed type) Cement mortar sprayer are a multi-function spraying machine, and mainly used to spray interior and exterior building wall, spraying cement  slurry, cement mortar etc. The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy t...