DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Foam Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer

DP-N9/250 Spraying Mixing Grouting Delivering 4 in 1

DP-N9/250 Spraying/Mixing/Grouting/Delivering 4 in 1

DP-N9 Foam Concrete Spray Machine

DP-N9/250 Foam Concrete Spray Machine

DP-N9/250 Plastering Machine

DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer

Mixer of DP-N9/250 Plastering Machine

Mixer of DP-N9/250 Plastering Machine

DP-N9/250 Cement Mortar Sparyer

DP-N9/250 Cement Mortar Sparyer


DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine, This machine is Spraying/Mixing /Grouting/Delivering 4-in-1 multi functional spraying machine, can be used for all premixed dry mortar and site-made mixes. The worm pump has lightweight yet robust plastic hood and can withstand even the toughest conditions on site. This machine can be used for both exterior plaster (lime, lime cement and insulating plaster) as well as interior plaster (lime plaster). Some of the special applications for this machine are light masonry or fire protection mortar, filling and grouting work, and concrete renovation.

Technical Specifications of DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer,  Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine:

Model No. DP-N9/250
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz 3-phase
Total Motor Power 11.37KW
Output Capacity 35/70L/min
Conveying Pressure 40bar
Max. Grain Size 8mm
Max. Delivery Height 40m
Max. Delivery Distance 60m
Mixer Volume 250L
Mixing Speed 60rpm
Hopper Volume 170L
Weight 480kgs
Dimension 2470*870*1470mm
Required Air Compressor 360L/min, 8bar, 3KW

Features of DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine:

1.Spraying/Mixing /Grouting/Delivering 4-in-1.

2.Forced horizontal shaft mixer ensures fully mixing and the plate valve enables easy discharging.

3.Mixing and feeding hopper is double circulation feeding, means continuous and high efficiency.

4.Self-contained jet water pump is with water supply time delay control, which is automatic and accurate.

5.Variable Speed Motor and large Screw Pump enables max. Output 5m3/h and max. Grain size 8mm.


Applications of DP-N9/250 EPS Mixture Cement Sprayer, Air Concrete Sprayer, Foam Concrete Spray Machine:

DP-N9/250 can do mechanized spraying and grouting for 3D injection of heavy steel and light steel integrated house envelopes, EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel,  such as light steel solid walls, floor boards and roofs. It can also be used for various types of reinforcement projects like traffic, irrigation works, foundation, etc.

Grouting Materials include:

Gypsum and cement-based lightweight aggregate(polystyrene particles), formed cement and cement mortar.


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