DP New Customized Pneumatic Paint mixer for different mix application

Lift type Air agatator
Fluid Agitator Pneumatic Mixer
Clamped type paint mixer for differnt paint tank
Lify tpe air agitator with Wheeled cart
Pneumatic paint mixer for big tank and easy move

These customized pneumatic paint mixer designed for diffetent mix application, suitable different tank size, easy move and convenient.

Features of the customized air pneumatic mixer:

  1. Various model for your reference, no matter lift type or Stationary type,suitable for small to large paint tank.
  2. Adjustable and movable, Securely fixed for the paint tank
  3. the paint tank with the cover and can add the paint whenever accessary
  4. Using safety because it is air powered and no spark
  5. Imported the air motor with high quality,running smoothly and small vibration, with very low noise



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