DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYERS have wide range of paint spraying equipments, from piston pump to diaphragm pump.

The DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER are powered by electrical motor (brush & brushless motor, induction motor, universal motor), petrol engine, and hydraulic motor etc. are widely used for all kinds of paint (water based & oil based) / coating / epoxy / polyurethane / floor paint / latex / enamel etc.

  •  heavy duty 1600w paint mixer tool

    1200w 1400w 1600w Electric Paint Mixers


    Technical Data for the Electric Paint Mixers: Model No. DP-M207A DP-M207B DP-M208A Motor power 1200W    single speed 1200W    dual speed 1400W    single speed Rated voltage/Frequency 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ Speed I...

  • DP-M210B Electric Mixer with Double Paddle

    DP-M210B Powerful Double-paddle Electric Mixer 1800W


    DP-M210B powerful Double-paddle Electric paint mixer for paint / putty / plaster / cement mortar which makes lots of mixing jobs easily and quickly. The mixer machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous materials. You can generally count on being finished the projec...

  • P40 compact, easy-to-use mixing pump

    P40 Cement and Plaster Spraying Mixer Pump


    The P40 is a compact, easy-to-use mixing pump and is perfectly suited to the processing of all machine-mixable interior and exterior plasters, as well as for adhesives and reinforcing mortar. The pump can be used both with bagged material as well as soft materials. TECHNICAL DATA Standard output...

  • DP-RM200 Walk Behind Floor Scraper

    DP-RM200 DP-RM250 DP-RM300 Walk Behind Floor Scraper Concrete Scarifier

    Motor power: Honda GX160 GX270


    DP-RM200 DP-RM250 DP-RM300 Walk Behind Floor Scraper Concrete Scarifier are used for small and medium sized areas of floor scarifying and concrete milling jobs. The low centre of gravity affords a big silent running and ensure quick and even milling results.A trip...

  • X81L Electric Airless Texture Sprayer 8.0L

    X81L Professional Contractor Electric Airless Texture Sprayer

    Motor power: 3KW Max. tip size: 0.045"
    Max.pressure: 228bar/3300psi Flow rate: 8.0L/min


      X81L is our most powerful electric airless paint sprayer piston pump with big output delivery 8.0L/min. It‚Äôs a good choice for professional contractors for all construction projects painting. It could be used to spray whole range of primers and paints and heavy coatings like putty / t...

  • DP-MS100 Concrete Mixer for Self leveling Concrete Underlayment

    DP-MS100 Mixing station/ Concrete Mixer for Self leveling Concrete Underlayment


      DP-MS100 Mixing station is the fastest way to mix and pour flooring compound consistently It's well balanced design‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČone person can mix, transport and pour with ease and precision‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČreducing down time and material waste.   Features of the mixer station for self leveling con...

  • dustless drywall sander DP3000F

    DP-3000 Telescopic Drywall Sander with Vacuum Self-suction System 800W

    Motor power: 800W


            ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†DP-3000F dust free drywall sander Foldable type     Technical Data of DP-3000F Long Handle Dustless Drywall Sander with vacuum: Model No.: DP-3000 series (DP-3000F means foldable handle, for save the packing size;¬† and DP-3000 i...

  • High Pressure 500 Bar airless spray gun

    DP-6376G Heavy Duty Texture Spray Gun 500 Bar


    The DP-6376G Texture Spray Gun is the ideal gun for all high-viscous materials, like texture, putty, plaster etc and a whole range of paints and primers, built strong and sturdy with a ergonomically designed handle. Includes a 4-finger trigger. it's a perfect accompaniment for your ever...

  • Q3 Putty Plaster Sprayer With Screw Pump

    Motor power: 1000W
    Max.pressure: 12bar/200psi Flow rate: 4.2L/min


      The Q3¬†Texture Sprayer¬†With Screw Pump is a new, compact¬†texture spraying¬†unit, Easy to move and imported Rotor and Stator with longlife time   Technical Specifications: Model No.: Q3 Voltage: 220/50Hz, 20A Motor Power: 1000W Brushless DC Max. Flow Rate: ...

  • DP-960iB diaphragm pump

    Portable Airless Paint Sprayer Diaphragm Pump


      DP-X970iB electric diaphragm pump¬†airless paint sprayer is with compact and portable design and it's suitabled for most painting projects, perfect painting performance for indoor and outdoor application, for professional contractors. It could be used for Enamels,...

  • Q40 Putty Plaster Screw Pump

    Q40 Wall Putty Texture Sprayer with Screw Pump

    Motor power: 4kw 4000w
    Max.pressure: 35bar/508psi Flow rate: 30L/min


    Q40 is a professional screw pump paint sprayer for spraying of putty, plaster, texture, and other materials with a particle size up to 3mm.   Technical Data: Model No. Q40 Voltage 1-phase 220V or 3-phase 380V Motor Power 4KW brushless Max. Output Deliv...

  • DP-T10 Drywall Texture Paint Sprayer

    DP-T10 Gypsum plaster Sprayer, cement plaster spraying machine


    The DP-T10 is a portable and compact system for spraying material like gypsum plaster, cement plaster, stucco, which contains up to 6mm grain. Comes complete on Trolley, with 70L Hopper, Perfect for any construction  site like plastering / gypsum plaster / Texture Coating/Putty Powder Thermal Mo...

  • peristaltic pump sprayer

    DP-TX350 DP-TX450 Texture / Plaster Sprayer with Peristaltic Pump


    DP-TX350 DP-TX450 is specially designed Peristaltic Pump for spraying texture, and also for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives, etc. Specifications of DP-TX350 DP-TX450 peristaltic pumps texture spray machine: ...

  • Hydraulic driven Airless paint sprayer

    DP-9600E Electric Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

    Motor power: 220V 1-phase/380V 3-phase Max. tip size: 0.056‚ÄĚ * 1 gun
    Max.pressure: 228bar / 3300psi Flow rate:  12.0 L/min (10L/min for 220V)


    The DP-9600E Airless paint sprayer is  Heavy duty Hydraulic driven Piston Pump sprayer. which is powered by Electrical motor with belt-driven. Ideal for high viscosity materials, multi-gun use and working at heights. Sprays bituminous and fire retardant / fireproofing material, bitum...


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