DP-16A fiberglass Chop gun sprayer for resin hardner



Model No. DP-16A
Air Requirements 7.5KW compressor
Working Pressure 2.5~6bar
Air consumption 0.03-0.4Nm³/min
System ratio 19:1
Max. spraying viscosity 600cst
Flow Rate of Chopped Fiberglass 0.2-5kg/min
Max.Flow Rate of Resin 8L/min
Free Flow Rate 16L/min
Resin ratio 40-90%
Gel coating mix ratio 0.5%-4%
Regulating gradient  of gel coating Stepless Adjustment
Tolerance of gel coating 0.1~0.2%
Total Weight
Truck mounted type 80kgs
Foot-mounted type 85kgs
Cantilever-type 110kgs


we offer FRP and Composite systems, gel coat guns and chop guns etc. for spraying versatile resin, catalyst and chopped fiberglass applications.
Different type of chop and gel coat guns, and complete systems are available for different application.

The fiberglas & resin spraying machine is powered by air compressor, it’s a multiple-use system for spraying resin & gel coat and fiberglas chopped roving synchronously. The resin and catalyst (gel coating) would be sprayed out respectively by the pneumatic airless pump action, then mix together in the air. The spray gun just needs to be cleaned few times, which will save the time and improve the efficiency.

Advantages of our FRP and chop gun sprayer

1.Accurate mixing ratio: Catalyst (gel-coating) pump has exact catalyst ratio ensures the material cured at desired rate.

2.Environment friendly: Airless spraying decreases the volatilization and less pollution.

3.The whole sprayer system is mounted on a cart chassis which makes the equipment moveable, easy for operating.

4.Roving management: The roving is guided by the boom crutch to make the roving smooth, less tangling, and no stuck.

5.Compact size & light weight. good for using in factory facility.


fiberglass chop gun, gel coat gun spray

The Application of the Fiberglass & Gel coat & chop gun spraying system:

  • Boating and watercraft
  • Shower and bath stall
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Automotive
  • Automotive accessories
  • Fiberglass tank manufacturing
  • Pickup truck toppers and tonneau covers



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