DP-EP960 HOT Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment for Metal Surface Finishing

Electrostatic powder spray gun application uses a fluidized bed as a feed hopper to hold the powder and fluidize it so that it can be pumped to the tip of a spray gun using compressed air for transport from the feed hopper to the gun tip.

This electrostatic powder gun is widely used in the home appliances, hardware, security door (window), fins, architectural, auto parts, sports equipment, medical equipment, aluminum and other industries etc.


DP-EP960 Specifications:

1.     DP-EP960 equipped with the most advanced electrostatic generator in the world  to produce the best finish. 

2.     It’s quite good to spray the hard working place or the angle of the corner (dead angle).

3.     Automatic feedback: according to the distance between the workpieces and the needle of the spray gun, high-voltage electrostatic automatic tracking, high painting rate of the powder (low powder consumption), and the current are automatically adjusted to keep the electrostatic energy in the optimal state to overcome the “shielding effect” quick color change.

4.     save powder material, easy to operate and high efficiency.

5.     reliable and durable

6.     Good permeability

7.     uniform powder thickness

8.     Produce Superior finish, without dust spots.

9.     Special nozzles can be customized according to customers’ demands to achieve the best finish. 


technical data:

Electronic control system

Built in electrostatic spray gun

Air control system

Input voltage: 220VAC

Input voltage: 12V

Solenoid valve voltage: 24VDC

Input frequency: 50Hz

Input frequency: 20KHz

Input air pressure: 5.5-8bar

Input power: 46W

Input current: 1A

Compressed air moisture: ma* 1.3/NM3

Output voltage: 12VDC

Output voltage: -100KVDC

Compressed air oil: ma*0.01g/NM3

Output current: 0.1A-0.7A

Output current: 0-100UA

Air flow: ma* 19g/NM3

Valve controlled voltage: 24VDC

Connecting cable: 4.5M


Input cable: 2.5M



Spare parts inside:

Machine: 1set

Spray gun: 1pc

Flat nozzle: 1pc

Silicone powder tube: 1pc

Large flow pump: 1pc

Connecting PU tube: 1pc

Stainless steel powder bucket: 1pc

Electrode set: 1pc

Large, medium and small nozzle: per 1pc

Ground wire: 1pc


Extension pole: 1pc

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