DP-EP120 Electrostatic paint sprayer powder coating Machine

  • Model Number: DP-EP120
DP-EP120 Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine
DP-EP120 Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine

DP-EP120 new powder coating system electrostatic paint sprayer requires compressed air only(50 psi).

No power cables to get tangled and voltage supply and it can work in any country without power issues. It can powder coat metals, glass, wood & ceramics. Coats into tight corners with ease.

Technical Specifications of DP-EP120 Powder Coating electrostatic paint sprayer System:

Air Supply Pressure: 10 to 30 PSI                                         

Cubic Feet Per Minute: 3.5CFM at 30PSI    

Air Inlet Size: 1/4 inch                                 

Remote Activation Switch: 8 feet Long        

Gun Powder Lead: 7 feet, high voltage lead   

Grounding Cable: 8 feet long with ground clamp

 Control Box Fuse: 0.5 amps                                         

Paint Curing Temperature: 400 degrees F. for 15 minutes(recommended)

Standard Content in electrostatic paint sprayer package:                                    

1.Powder coating system 1pc

2.Powder Cup 2pc

3.Disposable Moisture Separator 1pc   

4.Quick Adapter 1pc

5.Ground Clip 1pc

6.Manual 1pc   

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