DP-EP06 Electrostatic Powder Coating System and Spray Gun

DP-EP06 Electrostatic Powder Coating System and Spray Gun

DP-EP06 Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun and System

DP-EP06 electrostatic spraying system designed with coating versatility in mind. Featuring two atomization technologies – air spray and high volume, low pressure and deliver superior application performance with a variety of substrates, coatings and part profiles.



  1. High voltage electrostatic tracking to meet any working state.
  2. The internal module of the built-in electrostatic spray gun is directly generated and released.
  3. The high-voltage electric field is mainly concentrated between the needle and the workpiece. The powder is repeatedly charged at a high frequency to increase the powder loading rate.
  4. The total energy AFC is controlled according to the distance between the needle and the workpiece to keep it in the optimal state to release static energy.
  5. DP-EP06 electrostatic powder coating equipent is available in manual or automatic gun models, save more cost.
  6. Power Coating System provides a premium coating ideal for many automotive, marine, home and garden applications.
  7. Powder coating is environmentally friendly! It produces no toxic wastes and uses no solvents.


Technical data:

Electronic control system Built in electrostatic spray gun Air control system
Input voltage: 220VAC Input voltage: 12V Solenoid valve voltage: 24VDC
Input frequency: 50Hz Input frequency: 20KHz Input air pressure: 5.5-8bar
Input power: 36W Input current: ≤0.7A Compressed air moisture: ≤ma* 1.3/NM3
Output voltage: 12VDC Output voltage: -85KVDC Compressed air oil: ≤ma*0.01g/NM3
Output current: 0.1A-0.7A Output current: 0-100UA Air flow: ma* 19g/NM3
Valve controlled voltage: 24VDC Connecting cable: 4.5M
Input cable: 2.5M


Spare parts inside:

Machine: 1set

Spray gun: 1pc

Flat nozzle: 1pc

Silicone powder tube: 1pc

Large flow pump: 1pc

Connecting PU tube: 1pc

Stainless steel powder bucket: 1pc

Electrode set: 1pc

Large, medium and small nozzle: per 1pc

Ground wire: 1pc

Extension pole: 1pc

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