DP-2000F2 DP-2000F3 Electric Drywall Sanding Tools Foldable

foldable drywall sander tool

DP2000F foldable drywall sander tool with LED light



drywall sander foldable with led light

DP-2000F2 710W electric drywall sanding tool with LED light

DP-2000F2 and DP-2000F3 are our 710W drywall sander which is designed for sanding walls and ceilings. It provides a superior finish and will Get the job done more faster. And it is easy to operate, variable speed, best price.

This is a non self-vacuum sander, so it need to connect with a seperate vacuum cleaner.


Technical Data of the foldable drywall sanding tool:

Model Number: DP-2000F2 DP-2000F3

Voltage / Frequency: 110-127V / 220V-240V / 50Hz or 60Hz

Motor power: 710W

No-load speed: 800-1700rpm

Grind disc diameter: 215mm

Sandpaper diameter: 225mm

Suction pipe diameter: 32mm

Work style: Rotary motion

Difference: DP-2000F2 with LED light, DP-2000F3 with 2 strips LED lights


Package included:

Dust collect bag: 1pc

auxiliary handle with soft rubber: 1pc

instruction manual: 1pc

carbon brush: 1 couple

S5 hex key: 1pc

Connectors: 2pcs

dust collect pipe: 2M


60#, 80#, 120#, 150#, 180#, 240# sandpaper per one pc. 


Specifications of the drywall sanding tool:

  • The sanding tool has a soft rubber design.      
  • The drywall sanding tool has soft start (low speed start).
  • Light weight effectively reduces the operation strength of the workers.
  • Folding and extension-type, reduce packaging space, easy to carry.
  • Adjustable speed of the sander: 800-1700rpm.
  • The protective cover adopts suspension design to face the uneven wall easily.
  • The protective cover can be disassembled and polished to the edge.
  • The suction can be adjusted by adjusting the knob.
  • External replaceable carbon brush.
  • with top spring, the ceiling can be easily sanding.
  • DP-2000F3 has 360-degree LED light strip.    


DP2000 is not self-vacuum drywall sander, so you need to connect it with vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from the sanding jobsite.

we recommend our DP-506 vacuum cleaner and DP-750 small portable vacuum cleaner to connect with it to get the best performance.

DP-506 Vacuum cleaner 38L for wall sanderDP-506 Vacuum cleaner 38L with HEPA filter and water recycling filter 

All the professional contractors are willing to connect the drywall sanders to vacuum cleaner, because more powerful, and less dust in the jobsite, better for body health.


DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption



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