DP-1010 Drywall Grinder / Concrete Grinder

  • Model Number: DP-1010
  • Machine Power: Electric
  • Motor power: 1010W 1.4HP
drywall grinding, Concrete Grinder

DP-1010 drywall Grinder, concrete grinding

DP-1010 Concrete Grinder Concrete Grinding Disc

Disc of DP-1010 Concrete Grinding Disc

DP-1010 Concrete Polisher

Head of DP-1010 Concrete Polisher grinder

DP-1010 Drywall Grinder / Concrete Grinder is specially developed for grinding/polishing concrete surface for concrete prep and coatings removal.


Specifications of DP-1010 Drywall Grinder / Concrete Grinder:

Voltage/Frequency: 230/110V,50/60Hz

Input Power: 1010W

No Load Speed: 1700-3500 rpm

Number of Speed: 6 positions

Disc Diameter: 5inch/125mm

Length: 110-160cm

Electric Cable Length: 4m

Suction Tube Length: 4m

Diameter of Suction Tube: Ø35mm

Suction Tube Connection: Ø40mm, 47mm & 60mm

Protection Grade: 2


Features of DP-1010 Drywall Grinder / Concrete Grinder:

1.With telescopic function(110cm-160cm) and quick-change system.

2.There is rubber on handle, makes user hold the grinder tightly and safely.

3. The drywall grinder’s switch has LOCKING position.

4.Carbide grinding wheel can be installed to the disk.

5.Length of dust suction tube reaches up to 4.5m.

6.Dust suction tube can be connected to Vacuum Cleaner to avoid Dust Pollution.

7. The grinding speed could be adjustable continuously with 6 postions.

8.Length of the electric cable reaches up to 4m.

9.The drywall grinder could reach height up to 3m.

10.Zipper carry bag is optional with extra cost.

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