DP6385(I)/DP6386(I) Airless Sprayer with Piston Pump,Titan Type

DP6385(I)DP6386(I) Airless Sprayer with Piston

DP6385(I)DP6386(I) Airless Sprayer with Piston

DP-6385(I)/6386I airless sprayers with piston pump is powerful heavy duty piston pump with bigger size body and piston with more paint delivery. Ideal for big area painting jobs with high efficiency.

Electronic EzControl

New improved Electronic Pressure Control for easy adjusting and precise spraying. It has much better performance and easy controlling.

New Control board

New improved Control Board for better performance and last longer life.

EzOut manifold filter

New improved manifold with easy out filter which can be manually disassembled. More friendly to the operator and maintain the machine.

Triple filter system

3-steps Filtering system (inlet filter, manifold filter, and gun filter) will thoroughly reduce the tip clogs and ensure a quality finish.

Quality v-packing & piston rod

Teflon+Leather v-packings & hardened Stainless steel piston rod for long lifetime spraying.

Smart Suction

New improved suction tube for easy directed into the paint bucket.

Technical data:



















DP-6386 arless paint sprayer piston pumps

DP6386 airless paint equipment piston pump







DP6385 airless paint sprayer

DP-63876 airless sprayer carton






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