DP-N7 Diesel engine powered Cement sprayer machine, Air concrete sprayer

DP-N7 Cement Mortar Sprayer

DP-N7 Cement motar sprayer diesel engine powered

DP-N7 Cement mortar sprayer diesel engine powered

DP-N7 series Cement Mortar Sprayers are newly designed, economical and practical,durable and high efficiency for spraying cement mortar / air concrete / concrete with bubble foam etc.
DP-N7 ( Cement mortar sprayer with Electrical drive )
DP-N7D (Cement mortar sprayer with diesel engine drive)

Applications Of DP-N7 / N7D Cement mortar / air concrete sprayer machine:

Specially designed for spray cement mortar, air concrete, cement concrete with foam, widely applied for construction projects like
secondary grouting for the channels, cement mortar grouting for slope geotechnical
engineering, prestressing duct grouting, water curtain consolidation grouting, void
grouting for soft foundation and concrete pavement slab bottom, and interior/
exterior wall painting, etc.

features Of DP-N7 / N7D Cement mortar / air concrete sprayer machine:

1. Output volume adjustable (lower/high speed)
2. Equipped with vibration screen.
3. With remote control function.
4. With durable screw pump.
5. Control box: the core of the machine, to drive the motor, air & water pump.
6. Safety cover & quick unpack gear & material hopper: the material can be unpack
by the gear on the net cover, and be even poured into the tank.
7. Quick snap: easy to fix the material hopper and the cart.
8. 5.5KW motor & retarder: to drive the twister for material transportation.
9. Stirrer tank: quick and even mixing material.
10. Water inlet: lead water into the machine from outside.
11. Spinning Form Twister & Screw Pump: the material will be transport to the outlet by
the screw pump after the quick and even mixing by twister.
12. Pressure controller: to adjust the pressure of the mortar pipe to avoid the suddenness
13. Mortar pipe connector: very easy to connect with the machine.

The model of DP-N7 series Cement Mortar Sprayers as follows:

Technical Data Of DP-N7 Cement mortar sprayer & N7D Diesel engine powered cement sprayer:
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz (N7D Diesel engine driven)
Motor Power: 4.5/5.5KW  (N7D 8.5HP diesel engine powered)
Pump Delivery Capacity: 50L/min (N7D 60L/min)
Hopper Volume: 100L
Standard 4 tip size: 8/10/12/14/16/20mm
Working Pressure: 30bar
Delivery Height:1-30m
Delivery Distance: 1-60m
Cement Mortar Size: <8mm
Spraying thickness: 2-3cm



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