DP-K30PM High Quality Pump Manifold Filter Assembly

DP-K30PM Pump Manifold Assembly

DP-K30PM Pump Manifold Assembly

DP-K30PM Pump Manifold

DP-K30PM Pump Manifold Disassembled

DP-K30PM Pump Manifold Disassembled

High Quality pump filter

Materials of K30PM High Quality Pump Manifold Filter Assembly:

stainless steel (max.350bar pressure)

or Aluminum pump filter (max. 50bar pressure)

High precision CNC processing.

With 1pc 3/8” inlet connector and 2pcs 1/4” outlet connector.

Material for connector: stainless steel (or iron steel with nickle plated)

Thread: NPS or G thread

Weight: 2.5kgs

The pump filter include the 60 mesh filter inside.

Interchangeable with Pump Manifold Assembly of most Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayers all over the world.

Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian

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1 comment

  1. norberto alvarez
    2017/08/10 at 13:17:31

    Please send me prices for airless repair kits like, Packing Kits, Sleeves, Rods, Manifold filters, Rock Catchers etc. Thanks

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