DP-EC02 Handheld Airless Sprayer for small touch-up painting job

      2000psi electric handheld airless sprayer with 1L tank

      high pressure touch up handheld airless sprayer 135BAR


      New style handheld airless paint sprayer  with light weight but high pressure.

      Faster and easier with professional quality finish, mainly used for small area touch-up painting / repairing jobs.

      Designed specifically for small interior and exterior painting applications, touch up painting / repairing, indoor touch up / ceiling, outdoor maintenance etc.

      Specifications of the EC02 handheld Airless sprayer for small painting job:

      Standard Reversible tip: 515#

      Maximum working pressure: 2000psi/138bar

      Power: 400w

      Tank capacity: 1000ml

      Voltage / Hz: 220V 50Hz (110v / 60hz available)

      Duty cycle: 50%

      Amperage: 4Amp

      Carton Dimension:  40.5*22.5*22.5cm

      G.W.: 5kgs


      This handheld airless paint sprayer has our own unique designof twin piston which will generate more stable pressure compreare to other brand, and generate no over load temperature during spraying job.

      we offer 1 year warranty for the handheld airless sprayer .

      2 Speed (low speed and high speed) are adjustable for different paint materials.

      Every painter need one unit handheld small airless paint spray tool for your small touch up job, or repairing the small size wall paint. Easy operation and easy set up. Just pour the paint into the cup, and pull the button.

      The sprayer attaches with a fine finish airless spray tip nozzle, which has better atomizaiton at lower pressure 70bar compare to the high pressure airless sprayer pump machines.

      Color box package.

      OEM order is welcome.

      Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian

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      1. Suchel
        2016/07/27 at 10:05:09

        I want to inform on the DP-EC02 220v 50Hz, what is the price in Euro. What nozzles are included, whether it is possible to order a different size nozzles. And what would be the terms of delivery in the Czech Republic. We are implementing firm
        Thank you for the info.
        Sincerely Suchel

      2. Tahira Sanadi
        2015/09/30 at 07:05:38

        please how to buy me?

      3. Jose Robredo
        2015/02/20 at 04:33:48

        Hola, este DP-EC02 me interesa mucho.
        Tengo algunas preguntas sobre esto.
        Esto es similar como verdadera True Coat 2 Plus de Graco en el funcionamiento interno?
        El sistema de bomba de pistones en el pulverizador de mano es un gran avance y me gusta.
        La otra pregunta es para la venta.
        Está disponible la venta de una unidad para el usuario privado como yo?
        Mi país es España.

        Muchas gracias.


      4. Jose Robredo
        2015/02/20 at 04:11:40

        Hi, this interests me very much.
        I have some questions about this.
        This is same like True Coat 2 Plus of Graco to the inner workings?
        The piston pump system in handheld sprayer is great breakthrough and i like.
        The other question is for sale.
        Is available selling one unit for private user like me?
        My country is Spain.

        Many thanks.


      5. sergio
        2014/06/10 at 13:42:19

        please , I want to know your best price mod. EC02 in 220v 50 hz
        Let us know the minimun qt. for the first order in order to introduce in our distribution line

        Best regards

      6. Paul Heffernan
        2014/06/09 at 03:33:04

        Hi, I’m looking to purchased a sprayer like your DP-EC02, how much does it cost and how do I order one? I’m based in UK.

      7. mousab
        2014/05/08 at 03:42:09

        Dear Sir,

        Please send your price for theDP-EC02 Hand-held Touch-up Sprayer for small painting job fob Ningbo.

      8. hari
        2014/02/07 at 19:43:06

        please let me know details and as well price of it

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