XPRO-681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) Air-assisted Airless Pump Equipment

  • Model Number: XPRO-681
  • Machine Power: Pneumatic powered
  • Pressure controlling: echanical regulator
  • Flow rate: 9.0L/min, 2.7gpm
  • Spraying pressure: 44.2Mpa / 442bar / 6409psi
  • Net weight: 85kgs / 187.4Lbs
  • Package: Plywood case
  • Worn parts: V-packing and piston rod
  • Warranty: One year for main components(don't include easy worn parts)
  • Pressure ratio: 68:1
  • Stroke: 120mm
  • Air pressure: 3-6.5bar / 43.5-94.25psi
XPRO-681(681) 631 (631) 451(451) Air assisted airless pump equipment

XPRO-681(68:1)/631 (63:1) /451(45:1) Air assisted airless pump equipment

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The XPRO-681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) pneumatic Airless pump equipment are efficient of handling fluids such as epoxy primers, water proof coatings, epoxy mostics, fire proof cooling, fire proof coatings, higher volume solid & high viscosity coatings.

Specification of the 681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) pneumatic Airless pump equipment:

Pressure Ratio  68:  1  63: 1 45:1
Max. delivery 9L/ min 9.67L/ min 12.54L/min
Operating Air Pressure 3~6.5 Kgf / ㎠ 3~7 Kgf / ㎠ 3~7 Kgf / ㎠
Max. Discharge Pressure 442 bar 441 bar 315bar
Pump Dimension 68×72×120cm 68×72×112cm 68×72×112cm
Pump Weight 85kg 85kg 85kg
Noise Level 70~80 db 90~105 db 90~105 db
Air Motor Stroke 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm

Applications of the 681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) pneumatic Airless pump equipment:

• Fire retardant coatings.
• Marine and shipyard
• Internal & external pipe coatings.
• High solids epoxy primers and coatings
• Shipping container manufacturing
• Railcar manufacturing and repair
• Off-shore oil platform production
• Railcars and other transport vehicles
• Bridge maintenance and new construction
• Nuclear and conventional power facilities
• Structural steel and corrosion protection

Features of the 681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) pneumatic Airless pump equipment:

• Superior performance with the highest viscosity coatings
• Long-life air motor keeps maintenance costs low
•Designed for handling variety of coatings with powerful spray & with stands the toughest working conditions
•Rust proof stainless steel hydraulic circuits
•Positive displacement, piston pump design provides uniform, easily controlled delivery
•High flow rate light & easy to handle, long life high quality precision parts
•Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, l and better atomization
•More durable with longer life. Mechanical air motor provides higher efficiency even with lower air inlet pressure
•Properly designed filters reduces pressure drop & improves flow

pneumatic airless paint sprayers

filter system of air assisted airless paint equipment

big stainless steel fluid pumps airless sprayers















































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  1. hssouthgroup
    2017/01/10 at 18:22:11


    We are interested in this equipment, we are in Orlando FL, USA, we want to know the price and the shipment cost for the machine.

    This equipment can spray 100% self leveling Epoxy or Polyurethane..??



  2. Folster
    2016/06/28 at 09:17:05

    Bom dia,

    Gostaria de receber um orçamento dos três equipamento abaixo:
    XPRO-681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) Air-Assisted Airless Pump Equipment

  3. Kavas Bedri
    2016/01/22 at 06:47:23

    xpro pompe 9 Liter min. please price

  4. Tengku Arif Safuan
    2015/10/31 at 22:20:46

    I would like to ask on quotation for The XPRO-681(68:1) and 631 (63:1) Air-Assisted Airless Pump. Highly appreciated if you could response ASAP. Thank you very much.

  5. Paul Jefferys
    2015/10/05 at 08:39:06

    Request price, shipping and avaibility of XPRO-681(68:1)/ 631 (63:1) / 451(45:1) Air-Assisted Airless Pump Equipment.

    Thank you.

  6. Hugo
    2015/06/23 at 12:01:31

    https://www.dpairless.com/products/k301.html Quiero consultar por precio de esta maquina. Soy de Comodoro Rivadavia -Chubut – Argentina


  7. Chrea
    2015/02/03 at 22:46:32

    what’s the lifetime for the airless pump? can you provide the overseas service? could you quote the best price for the pneumatic airless sprayer 68:1 and 63:1 and 45:1? thanks

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