DP-637PR Airless Paint Roller for Airless Sprayer

DP637PR airless paint roller for airless system

airless paint roller




Airless Paint roller 9 inch for airless sprayer

With extra long tube (150cm) for high rolling jobs.

Ideal for refinishing your house.

Recommend to connect with DP6375 straight-handle airless spray gun.

This airless paint roller use aluminum tube with light weight, and the same roller cover as AR100 roller which has many holes inside.

The paint come from airless sprayer, to long hose, and connected with an airless spray gun.

The airless roller is controlled by airless spray gun trigger on and off.

This roller could be made long tube 1.5 meter length, or 1 meter / 2 meters as per clients request.

and the roller cover could be different material also. such as wool, Polyester, Polyacrylic, acrylic, foam etc.

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  1. Catalin Mihai
    2017/07/26 at 12:03:11

    I am interested in DP-637PR Paint Roller for Airless Sprayer (or other type of this product). Does it come with the spray trigger (like DP6375 Straight Handle Airless Spray Gun In Inline Type)?
    Could you let me know the minimum order and price?
    Please send me the full photos.
    Kind regards,
    Catalin Mihai

  2. Wayne Doyle
    2014/04/04 at 15:34:20

    I am interested in this type of product. Could you let me know the minimum order and price is? Does it come with the trigger. Please send me the full photo.

    Will you be at the canton fair? Phase 1 ?

    Kind regards,
    Wayne Doyle
    Wayne’s Wax Inc.

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