DP-637GPC Pump Cylinder W/Sleeve for 190es, 210es, 390, Ultra 395,495,595, Ultra 695


#243176 cylinder with sleeve for 190es, 210es, 390, Ultra 395,495,595, UltraMax 695

Pump Cylinder W/sleeve
Fits: several Grac machine, current and older models
Total length: 4.1 inches
Diameter: 1.485 inches

#243176 pump cylinder with sleeve can be used for several Grac models, including: 190es, 210es, 390es, Ultra 395, 495, 595, Ultra Max II 490, 495, 595, Finish Pro 390, 395. Older units: Ultra max 695, ST-PRO, STX, 295st, Nova 390, Ultimate NOVA 395, Ultimate SuperNova 495, GMax 3400 and Line Lazer 3400.

Language in: French German


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