XPRO-281 (28:1) Air-powered paint sprayer piston pump

  • Model Number: XPRO-281
  • Machine Power: Pneumatic Powered
  • Pressure controlling: Mechanical Regulator
  • Flow rate: 6L/min, 1.58gpm
  • Spraying pressure: 22.4Mpa / 224bar / 3248psi
  • Package: Plywood case
  • Worn parts: V-packing and piston rod
  • Warranty: One year warranty for main components (don't include easy worn parts)
  • Pressure ratio: 28:1
  • Air pressure: 3-8bar / 43.5-116psi
XPRO-281-281-air-powered-paint-sprayer-piston-pump graco president type

XPRO-281(28:1)1 air-powered paint sprayer piston-pump

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XPRO-281 (28:1) air-powered paint sprayer piston pump is popular because of their high flow capability for supplying multi-gun air-assisted systems. the 6″ air motor is similar to grac president airless pump.

Features of the 281 pneumatic air-powered paint sprayer piston pump:

• Easy to operate and maintain
• Durable and dependable design reduces downtime and repair costs
• Multiple package configurations to fit your specific application
• Longer life packings and displacement rods reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs
• Easy-to-service Xtreme lower cuts labor time in half
• Superior performance with the highest viscosity coatings
• Extremely durable pump with longer life packing design

Specifications of the 281 pneumatic air-powered paint sprayer piston pump:

Pressure Ratio  28:  1
Max. delivery 3.7L/ min
Operating Air Pressure 3~8Kgf / ㎠
Max. Discharge Pressure 224bar
Pump Dimension 55×50×91cm
Pump Weight 34kgs

Applications of the 281 pneumatic air-powered paint sprayer piston pump:

• Marine and ship building
• Offshore oil platform production
• Railcar manufacturing and repair
• Farm and construction equipment
• Container manufacturing
• Bridge maintenance and new construction
• Tank and pipe lining
• Structural steel and corrosion protection

Typical Coatings Applied
Plural component coatings
• Solventborne coatings
• Epoxies and polyurethanes
• Waterborne coatings
• Primers
• Acid-catalyzed coatings
• Stains, lacquers and varnishes
• Sealant and low viscosity adhesives
• Waterborne coatings
• Fire retardant coatings

broadsideof air assisted airless sprayer

trolly carts of pneumatic airless paint sprayer

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  1. Adebayo Olasupo
    2017/05/09 at 14:16:52

    We will appreciate if can send us by email the price list of your products.

  2. ganges
    2016/02/06 at 13:01:22

    I want quotation of this equipment.

  3. Randy Adams
    2016/01/31 at 22:33:15

    what is the cfm air requirments for this pump, do you sell oem

  4. Alain Baillargeon
    2015/12/11 at 10:14:22

    I need some seal or parts for my airless sprayer, i have a president model 33413, it looks like the xpro-281. Is it the same parts of this model?

  5. Mark
    2015/02/03 at 02:45:53

    I’d like to be your distributor for this products in india, what’s the maximum gun can be connected when spraying? which the spraying pressure for every gun? the easy worn parts including which parts?

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