DP-6536 /4336 Plural Components Spray System 1:1 for liquid rubber

1:1 two components spraying machine

1:1 two components spraying machine


Internal mix type of 4336 two component sprayer machine:

1. Build-in mix system in the spray gun, to make even mixture

2. 1:1 fixed mix ratio

External mix type of 4336 two component sprayer machine:

1. Can spray two component fast cure type liquid material

2. Mix ration between Group A and Group B can make mechanical adjustment

Features of 4336 two component sprayer machine:

Suitable for every kinds of low or high viscosity liquid material, like liquid rubber for water proofing.

Have a small splash of paint, paint saving and Eco-friendly

External mixing reduces equipment failure rate resulting from material solidify

Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material to reduce waste.




A / B fluid pump capacity( L /min)



Pressure exchanging rate



Air motor Dia.



V-packing OD.



V-packing ID.



Compress air(MPa)



Stroke (mm)



NW / GW (Kgs)

61 / 85

71 / 95

Mixing volumetric ratio









paint spray gun for two components spraying, for liquid rubber water proofing

Standard spray gun for DP-4336


DP-4336 Plural Components Spray System

DP-4336 Plural Components Sprayer

DP-4336 2Components Spray System

noise suppressor of paint equipment

oil-water filter Plural Components spray machine

fluid pump of plural components sprayer


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  1. michael mange
    2017/01/04 at 19:55:29

    Hello Ms lily I am having problems getting the live chat working,I would like to pump a 1-to-1 ratio silicone about 8000 cps, I do not need high presser my email is Michael@*******.com I would need a mixing head with a staic mixer gavity feed or the material is ok as in the dp-A8p
    Michael Mange

    E mail michael@*******.com

  2. Yura
    2016/01/12 at 16:06:36

    Hello! I’m interesting in DP-6536 /4336 Plural Components Spray System 1:1 For Liquid Rubber.
    Tell me please how much does it cost in dollars ($)?

    With the best regards,
    Yura from Ukraine.

  3. Nik
    2015/04/06 at 11:04:14

    Good day.
    Installation DR-4336 can be used for applying the polyurethane or polyurea? With gun FG6 or DP-UG7 and heated hoses? What is the price? I would be grateful for the detailed answer.

  4. JungHan RYU
    2015/01/29 at 01:17:19

    DP-6536 /4336 Plural Components Spray System 1:1 For Liquid Rubber

    I would like to buy this model. how much is it?? could you let me know the price when i buy it 1set or 10 set.

  5. myk schomburg
    2014/10/14 at 22:29:47

    Please send the quote for above mentioned machine..

  6. Eric
    2014/09/07 at 15:27:43

    Dear suplyer,
    I saw your DP-4336/6536 2k spraymachine for liqud rubber.
    If i want to import machines like these. what are te mnimum shipment orders? an what is the price?
    And do you have a place in hthe netherlands or surrounding countries where i could see one in action?

    Best regards,

    Eric Frijn

  7. hamzeh
    2014/07/17 at 06:35:30

    Please send me the price list
    Do your two component pumps for spray anionic emulsion bitumen is used ?
    Best regards

    2013/08/16 at 00:11:26

    Please Quote me for this particular machine:
    “DP-4336 Plural Components Spray System”. You may quote me for other plural component sprayers as well as polyurethane foam spray/injection machine. please include spray gun
    DP-6337D and other guns.
    Thank you

  9. bert Havens
    2013/08/08 at 21:46:31

    how much for this machine

  10. Tony Collins
    2013/07/12 at 13:07:39

    please send me complete information on all the two component spray equipment that you sell. we buy a lot of it and are looking for a supplier who can give us a quality product.

    tony Collins
    4000 airport drive
    wilson, north carolina, usa
    252 360-****

  11. Bert
    2013/07/04 at 23:46:04

    i am interested in buying this foam aplicator gun.. only i already have a foam machine i just need a good foam aplicator gun.

  12. Michael
    2013/06/06 at 06:12:50

    Hello. For any components fit this installation? For example polyurethane she sprays? Or is it for liquid rubber? What components it sprays. We would like to buy you a test batch of 5 pieces. Interested in price and in time delivery in Russia, Saint-Petersburg

  13. akber
    2013/06/01 at 06:57:40

    Hi there

    What is the price of DP-4336 Plural Components Spray System and shipping to London


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