DP-23 Airless paint sprayer Diaphragm pump


DP-23 powerful diaphragm pumps are heavy-duty and easy-to-operate units for construction sites and workshops. Spraying or paint rolling onto ceilings and walls during renovation work, or in new buildings (living rooms, corridors, cellars or underground garages) in both small and large construction projects

Motor output: 1.3 kW
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Weight: 31 kg
Max. delivery rate: 2.4 l/min
Max. nozzle size: 0.023″

Quick cleaning :
Suction tube with a gun connection. Pull off the gun, lock it and the DP 23 immediately starts to clean itself automatically within 7 minutes.

Robust and reliable:
The new technology is standard equipment in each Super Finish machines. The lower stroke frequency considerably reduces wear on the components, thus offering a longer service life and a minimum of maintenance.

Language in: Russian

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