DP-001 Popular HVLP spray gun DIY kit

DP-001 Electric HVLP Paint Spray Gun Kit

electric HVLP paint spray gun for light painting jobs

DP001 electric paint spray gun  is Ideal for spraying paint, latex, primer, lacquer, varnish etc. for home / garden / furniture / table / framing. The requirement for the painting material viscosity is less than 50 second.

Technical data:
*110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
*this electric hvlp sprayer gun has 650W compressor power
*Working pressure for this electric paint sprayer :3 to 4psi
*Free round speed: 30000RPM
*Hose length: 1.5M
*Spray gun tank capacity: 800ml
*Material of cup: Plastic or Aluminum
*Net Weight:1.5KGS
*High Volume Low Pressure design makes economical painting
With less overspray
*Easy to use,high efficiency, low maintenance.

*This electric paint sprayer is ideal for spraying light viscosity (less than 50s) coatings such as Normal painting, Lacquers, Stains, Clears, Shellacs, Varnishes, latex, acrylic etc.
*It could be used for all kinds of paint on all kinds of material, ideal for home refinishing , woodworking,home furniture, fence, garden, outdoor, light duty painting jobs etc.
*The paint sprayer kit including 800ml plastic cup spray gun,1.5M flexible air hose, POM plastic nozzle,1 viscosity cup, inflating adapter and shoulder strap
*Color box package

*The nozzle size could be 2.0 / 2.5mm available for different coating.

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  1. Harmon Lindesmith
    2016/09/02 at 16:45:31

    Which pump is best for painting aluminum paint on a metal barn? piston or diaphragm.

  2. GA Arifin
    2013/03/01 at 01:07:58

    we the painter services and maintenance company in Jogja, Indonesia …

    can you sent us the paint technology for wall, wood and building< because we use the sprayer machine to work…… we need the specialist tools for it….

    thank you

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