DP-637SPT Spray Guide Painting Tool

spray guide for airless paint spray

spray guide for airless paint spray


Features of the spray guide for airless spray:

The Spray Guide tool is designed to allow you to cut in using your airless sprayer without the need of tape or the use of a brush. Set up properly the Spray Guide will spray a precise paint fan against any running edge without any overspray. Spray guide delivers a clan line every time.

Just attach the mounting collar to the angle head, then attach the Spray Guide wheel to mounting collar. Select your extension pole size, then adjust the angle head to just mist the tip of the wheel. Run the Spray Guide against the painting area to get used to the feel of the surface, once you are comfortable pull the trigger and keep moving. It’s that easy.

Fits any length extension pole – making the choice for painters even easier!


The spray guide tool need to connect with airless paint spray gun, like the best selling spray gun X450

X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun With Light Weight and Soft triggerX-450 professional Airless Spray Gun With soft trigger

Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian

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  1. Dani
    2017/03/27 at 18:10:46

    Hola queria informacio para compra este producto soy de españa lo enviais y precio por favor

  2. Guilherme Branco
    2017/03/27 at 13:38:51

    I want a spray guide tool. How much ? Do you send to Brazil?

  3. Carlita Brady
    2016/12/05 at 19:09:42

    I am interested in this piece of equipment for my Graco airless.
    Please let me know the cost.

  4. Nabil
    2016/09/27 at 16:28:47


    I am lookinf for Spray guide (DP-637SPT Vaporiser Guide Peinture Outil). can you help me?

    Thank you.


  5. brian murphy
    2016/09/15 at 09:01:04

    what will it cost for 2 of DP-637SPT Spray Guide Painting Tool to be sent to ireland thank you

  6. ray
    2016/08/22 at 00:01:21

    what is the price

  7. Edidiong Akpe
    2016/08/14 at 12:36:19

    Pls I need this spray guide tool for purchase. Send me quote with shipment cost to Yiwu City china

  8. David Siharath
    2016/07/31 at 01:23:15

    I would like to purchase the spray guide tool.

    2016/07/27 at 08:14:54

    Малярный Инструмент Руководство ДП-637SPT Спрей

  10. Wasldek
    2016/07/24 at 19:37:12

    DP-637SPT Spray Guide Painting Tool he wanted I to buy to live this on the Florida what there are the conditions of the purchase

  11. jenia
    2016/06/20 at 10:50:59

    hello,how mach is the price of spray guide

  12. John Calavan
    2016/06/17 at 21:24:45

    Where can I buy a spray guide wheel?

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