DP-6325L Airless line striper piston pump

DP-6325L Airless Road Line Marking machine,piston pump line striper

DP-6325L Airless Road Line Marking machine,piston pump line striper


DP-6335L airless liner striper is a higher output and longer sustained use design, good for your continuous small to medium line striping requirements.

Features of 6325L Airless line striper piston pump:

Ideal for medium size projects on athletic fields and pavement working, easy maneuverability makes turns and stenciling easy and fast.
Big output, finish striping jobs fast.

Support one guns spraying.

Medium size marking machine is perfect for the working place where the big machines just aren’t profitable to operate.

Powerful fluid pump is ideal for low to medium viscosity traffic paints spraying.

Digital display, easy control and operate.

Versatile gun bracket can be adjusted according to your working demands.

Flow-through Easy out Manifold pump filter comes out, reduces tip clogs and ensures quality finish.

Durable stainless steel fluid section.

Model No. DP-6325L
Pressure controlling Digital
Motor Power 6.0HP
Max. pumping capacity 2.5L/min
Max. tip size 0.025” (one gun)
Max. pressure 210bar / 3045psi
Max. working pressure 120bar / 1740psi (0.025″ one gun)

Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian


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