DP-TP4 Two Components Stainless Steel Pump Sprayer with Flush Pump

TP4 Two Components Pneumatic Pump
TP4 Two Components Stainless Steel Pump
TP4 Two Components Spray Machine
TP4 Two Components Polyurethane Injection Pump with DP-231 Flush Pump
  • Model Number: DP-TP4
  • Motor power: Pneumatic air powered
  • Pressure ratio: 30:1  Flush pump: 23:1
  • Pressure controlling: Mechanical regulator
  • Stroke: 144mm 
  • Max Free-Flow rate: 60L/min  flush pump: 25L/min
  • Min.Input air pressure:4bar/58psi
  • Max.Input air pressure: 6bar/87psi
  • Max.Operating pressure: 180bar/2610psi
  • Max temperature:50℃
  • Net weight: 88kgs
  • Worn parts: V-packing and piston rod
  • Warranty: One year warranty for main components (don’t include easy worn parts)

This two component polyurethane injection pump is suitable for every kinds of low to high viscosity liquid materiasl.

The wet components use stainless steel material, which could be used for spraying both water-based or oil-based material.
Less splash of paint, paint saving and Eco-friendly
External mixing reduces equipment failure rate resulting from material solidify
Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material to reduce waste.

It is used in the construction and mining industry for the injection of polyurethane and is especially suited for high volume water control, void filling and deep injection applications



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