X450 Airless Spray Gun Trouble Shooting Guide

X450 airless spray gun

Max. pressure: 250bar/3600psi

Inlet connector: 1/4″NPSM, 1/4″PT, M16*1.5

Output connector: 11/16″, 7/8″

4-finger trigger

X450 airless spray gun 250bar

X450 airless spray gun 250bar


X450 Airless Spray Gun Trouble Shooting Guide as below:

Paint won’t shut off at tip of airless gun.

1. Seat in the spray gun dirty.

Solution: Trigger spray gun several times under pressure.

2. Needle stop nut too tight.

Solution: Loosen the stop-nut.

3. Worn valve assembly.

Solution: Replace valve assembly.


Airless gun won’t spray.

1. Trigger safety on.

Solution: Disengage trigger stop.

2. Inline filter clogged.

Solution: Clean or replace mesh filter.

3. airless spray gun tip clogged.

Solution: Increase pressure at pump.

4. No pressure at spray gun.

Solution: Check pump for proper operation.


Spray pattern has “tails” or fingering.

1. Pressure too low.

Solution: Increase pressure at pump.

2. Material too thick.

Solution: Thin per manufacturer’s recommendation.

3. Tip adjusted too wide.

Solution: Reduce pattern size / change smaller size.

4. Spray tip worn.

Solution: Install new tip


Distorted pattern.

1. Plugged or worn tip.

Solution: Clean or replace tip.


Spray pattern variations.

1. Spray tip worn beyond spray pressure capability.

Solution: Replace spray tip.

2. Check transducer for wear or damage.

Solution: Replace transducer.

3. Check pressure control for smooth operation.

Solution: Replace pressure control.


There is spitting from the spray gun

1. The fluid supply is low or empty

Solution: Refill the supply container

2. Air entrapped in the fluid pump of the hose.

Solution: Check for loose connections on the siphon assembly, tighten, then re-prime pump.


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