Viscosity Chart



1 Begin with material and cup at room temperature (23.5±2℃).
2. Cover the drain hole with your finger and fill the cup with the materials
3. Quickly remove your finger and begin timing.
4. Stop timing when the steady stream first breaks at about 1 or 2 inches below the drain hole






The following liquids are shown with estimate Centipoise values. These values are influenced by various factors such as temperature, manufacturer, and batch quality control, etc. This should provide a good starting point for comparing to your material. All figures in the comparison chart above and the material chart below are estimated as close as possible when actual figures were not available.

Centipoise (approx.) Material at room temperature
2 Sulphuric acid
3 Acetone
4 Methyl ethyl ketone
5 Benzine
6 Xylol & toluol
10 Water & turpentine
16 Ethylene glycol
20 lemmer PNE Oil 2004
28 linseed oil raw
30 Lemmer PNE Oil 1994
64 Linseed oil (boiled)
65 SAE 10 Oil
100 Lemmer hydraulic oil 2004
120 Lemmer hydraulic oil 1994
125 SAE 20 oil
200 SAE 30 oil
240 Castor oil
250 10-30 oil
319 SAE 40 oil

The chart provides a guideline which will help you determine the viscosity of your material using common cup types. The chart is also useful in cross-referencing different viscosity cup results. For example, when a paint manufacturer recommends thinning to 25 seconds using a Dino 4 cup and you have a DIN cup, then you will have to thin to 21 seconds using the DIN cup.

Why are there different cups? their cup volume and hole size are designed to suit different material types. The two main cups for the commercial and industrial paint applications is the Dino 4 for America and the DIN cup for Europe. It does not matter which cup you choose but keep in mind the Dino 4 cup is produced in large volumes and comes in at a very reasonable cost.

Viscosity cup Dino-4 is used to measure the thickness of coatings. The first step when getting ready to spray is to check the viscosity of the material and thin it if needed (check with the coating manufacturer for thinning recommendations).

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