Turbine HVLP Paint Sprayers


DP-TS200 2-Stage /3-Stage Turbine Paint Sprayer


The Turbine HVLP Paint Sprayers have all good characteristics of HVLP Paint sprayers.  Also, incoming fresh air is filtered and is slightly heated, due to friction as it passes through the turbine fan. HVLP air is clean, perfectly dry and free of oil vapors and other contaminants or problems that are fairly common with compressed air systems. Since the air is slightly heated, this warm air lowers the viscosity of the paint and improves atomization and flow, resulting in a high gloss finish, with an extremely smooth surface.

The popular Turbine HVLP paint sprayer we offer is DP-TS200 2-Stage  Turbine Paint Sprayer.

we can supply TS300 with 3-stage turbine system

TS400 with 4-stage turbine spraying;

and TS500 with 5-stage sprayer, the biggest air output volume could win any other brand in the world market. it’s designed for professional painter which need very fine finish.

The specifications  as follows
Power: 800W/1200W/1400W.
Voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110v/60HZ.
Standard motor: 2 stage Turbine motor. (3-stage is available also).
Paint sprayer type: HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure).
Free round speed: 20000rpm.
Operating pressure: 4-6 psi.
Max. air volume: 2.8cbm/min (100cfm).
Fluid Delivery Volume: 0.3L/mins.
Hose Length: 7.5M.
Tip nozzle size: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5MM.

The turbine HVLP Paint Sprayers from the Start and save up to 50% of   paint costs, have low overspray for ALL  jobs, Interior, exterior, ceilings, doors, cabinets, trim etc. even splatter effects, and be very portable. Switch from Walls to Fine Finishing in a snap!

The HVLP Turbine system is a good choice for for small to medium contractors. The reasons as follows:
Lowest Overspray Levels
As a True HVLP unit, these units produce very little overspray. Transfer efficiency is up to 80%. And some turbines advertise even more.

Better finish Jobs
$300 for a wall or $3000 for a cabinet – you do the math. By allowing your workers to practice and learn on HVLP equipment they will be instantly ready for fine finish work when needed. Practicing all day with an HVLP you will be an expert in no time. Even if you do not want fine finish work, the quality of your trim and doors etc. will be superior to the competition.

At an average of 25 lbs plus a carry handle, you do not have a large rig to port around the house with you.

Invest in one unit
Invest in a top Turbine from the Start and gain greater market share by offering Fine Finishing and walls and exteriors all in one.

Lower material costs by as much as 50%
HVLP Turbines have very high transfer efficiencies. By using HVLP it has been estimated you can lower your material costs by as much as 50%. This means that your air assisted airless will pay for itself very quickly and you will be saving money on every job. With the cost of paint now days, you will instantly be more competitive.

Less Worker Liability
HVLP Turbine units are more controlled and are almost harmless – Airless units operate at extreme pressures and can cause life long injuries.

Less Property Liability
Due to the high pressures of Airless there is a lot of bounce back and a high chance of property damage due to errant paint. HVLP Turbines have a soft spray and are more controlled.

Taping off your area to prevent property contamination is time consuming. By lowering overspray levels and gaining spray control your tape off time should be much lower. In addition, the “rig” is small and completely self contained including filtration.

Fine Finishing in a snap
Your workers need be familiar with only 1 tool to do BOTH fine finishing AND walls and exteriors. Switching back and forth is a snap. Your workers do not have to learn multiple systems and can do multiple finishes quickly. For example, they can move directly from large walls to smoother ceilings to super smooth finished doors, trim, shutters, and Cabinets – all in a flash.

Comparable Speed
By using the correct tip sets you will have similar speed abet a little slower than airless. Great for home construction, walls and ceilings.

Larger Rigs Available at less money
Easily hooks up to a pressure pot or pump. Larger rigs on carts are also available with 2 1/2 gallon pots etc. Most small contractors own a small nailer compressors so you can purchase a Smaller Turbine and use your existing compressor to large pressure pots like 2 or 5 gallons.

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