How to spay putty / plaster with airless paint sprayer?

In recent years, the interior wall putty sprayer is becoming more and more popular in the construction field, such as HC970, GH300, or DP AIRLESS SPRAYER 9800, etc. Using these paint sprayers, the construction speed improve more than 10 times, and also can save a lot of labor 2/3. The overall efficiency is very impressive.

Now we would like to share how to use machine to spray putty /plaster.

Step One – Prepare the Wall
Remove dust and loose material, but don’t remove all of old plaster. Just make sure the old plaster is smooth. When the walls are ready, spray them with clean water using a spray attachment on a hose. Don’t overspray as this will cause puddles and runs.

Step Two – Mix the putty
Mix the inner wall spraying putty with clean water, stirring the mixture to be at a uniform block-free state, standing for two minutes, and then stirring for 30 seconds.

Step Three –Spray the putty
Opereate the airless paint spraying machine according the manual. And hold the spray gun about ten inches from the wall. Keep the nozzle pointed directly at the wall. Move the spray gun about three feet across the wall in a horizontal direction. Putty from the top of the wall to the bottom of the wall. Overlap the sections as you work.

Step Four – Allow to Cure
Although putty will feel hard to the touch in hours, it will not be cured for days. Give the wall time to cure thoroughly before testing the putty or moving items into the area.

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    2016/05/11 at 12:19:16

    Dear Sir ,
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