How to chose proper pneumatic airless pump for the painting application?

DP-H321 Pneumatische Airless Spritzgerät für Auftragnehmer

DP-H321 Pneumatische Airless Malerei Maschinen 32:1 13L/min



For the pneumatic pump, there are many different pressure ratio for one model, and the table below can help you for easy understanding the difference between them and choice

the suitable products for your application.

Air-driven airless spray unit
Model Pressure ratio (L/min)Max output Application
DP-6391C 60:1 22 Suitable for every kind of thick-film high viscosity heavy duty paint and all conventional paints.
DP-6391B 38:1 33 Suitable for zinc rich paints.
DP-6391B 46:1 20.8 Suitable for every kind of thick-film high viscosity heavy duty paint and all conventional paints.
DP-6391C 76:1 15 Suitable for every kind of thick-film high viscosity heavy duty paint and all conventional paints.
DP-6C 65:1 12 Suitable for every kind of thick-film high viscosity heavy duty paint and all conventional paints.
DP-6391A 45:1 14 Suitable for low or medium paints.
DP-6391A 30:1 22 Suitable for zinc rich paints.
DP-301 30:1 27 Suitable for wool grease paint, thermo-insulating and sound-deadened paint, PVC sealant.
DP-H301 30:1 24 Suitable for low or medium paints.
DP-451 45:1 10 Suitable for low or medium paints.
DP-9C 33:1 24 Suitable for zinc rich paints.
DP-H601 60:1 13 Suitable for every kind of thick-film high viscosity heavy duty paint and all conventional paints.




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