Compare airless airmix electrostatic and air spraying equipment

This content is just for your reference of the different type of paint sprayer equipment / tools with their main feature, advantage and also disadvantage.

if you want to spray the high viscosity, big area painting project, wall, house, steel structure, anti-corrosive, fireproofing, epoxy ….. all these spraying need the airless paint sprayer equipments. which is seperated into electric / pneumatic airless. (for the pneumatic airless, it has airless & air-mixed airless ).

The air-mix type is ideal for furniture and final finishing because of its nice finishing.



Paint Sprayer type Main features Typical Application

Pneumatic Air-Mix Airless Painting Equipment


*Little spray spatter

*Save paint, less overspray.


*Nice finishing result


*Heavy duty Industry & machinery

*General industrial usage

*Wood finishing

Airless paint sprayers *Few spray spatter,

*Save paint, less overspray

*High efficiency.

*Can spray high viscosity paints

*Save thinner cost

*Steel structure,

*Heavy duty  Industry & machinery,




*Pipe / tank

*General industrial usage


Electrostatic paint sprayer *Electrostatic surround,

*Save paint when spray small workpiece

*High-usage of paint with low waste

*Nice finishing result

*Small metal piece,

*Irregular-shaped conduction workpiece

Air spray equipment / traditional or conventional spray *Waste paint ,

*High pollution.

*Waste thinner.

*Nice finishing result

*Touch up spraying

*Plastic parts,


*Wood finishing


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