Air-assisted Airless Sprayer System

Airless sprayers are great for large contractors or exterior painters who are more concerned with efficiency. But it has a higher operating cost issue, and while very fast, they also waste a lot of paint through overspray and bounce back. Transfer efficiency does not exceed 50%. Which means half of your material costs are going down the drain. This is not a “Green” technology.


For small to large contractors , Air Assisted Airless System (AAA) might be a good choice for the following reasons:
Invest in one unit
Invest in a top such system from the Start and gain greater market share by offering Fine Finishing and walls and exteriors all in one – purchase warehouse direct and save.

Lower material costs by as much as 50%
AAA have very high transfer efficiencies. By using AAA it has been estimated you can lower your material costs by as much as 50%. This means that your air assisted airless will pay for itself very quickly and you will be saving money on every job. With the cost of paint now days, you will instantly be more competitive.

Less Worker Liability
The AAA Units are more controlled and much less dangers to operate – Airless sprayers operate at extreme pressures and can cause life long injuries.

Less Property Liability
Due to the high pressures of Airless there is a lot of bounce back and a high chance of property damage due to errant paint. AAA has a very soft spray and is more controlled.

Taping off your area to prevent property contamination is time consuming. By lowering overspray levels and gaining spray control your tape off time should be much lower.

Fine Finishing in a snap
Your workers need be familiar with only 1 tool to do BOTH fine finishing AND walls and exteriors. Switching back and forth is a snap. Your workers do not have to learn multiple systems and can do multiple finishes quickly. For example, they can move directly from large walls to smoother ceilings to super smooth finished doors, trim, shutters, and Cabinets – all in a flash.

Comparable Speed
By using the correct tip sets you will have similar speed (abet a little slower) than airless. Great for home construction, walls and ceilings. You can also get pumps to drive 2 guns at once.

Get Higher End Jobs
$300 for a wall or $3000 for a cabinet – you do the math. By allowing your workers to practice and learn on HVLP equipment they will be instantly ready for fine finish work when needed. Airless is a completely different spraying method and teaches you nothing about fine finishing. Practicing all day with an HVLP you will be an expert in no time.

Larger Pumps Available
Drive Multiple Guns with one pump

For more detailed, welcome to email us or visit our website: for details.

K301-pneumatic-airlessDP-301 electric pneumatic airless sprayer (30:1, 

DP6391A Pneumatic airless sprayer(30:1, 8.4L; 45:1,7L)DP6391  Pneumatic airless sprayer

DP-6C/9C pneumatic airless sprayer(65:1 33:1)DP-6C/9C pneumatic airless sprayer(65:1 33:1)

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