DP Airless paint sprayers

Airless pintura - hidráulicas

La bomba de pistón de pulverización airless hidráulica está diseñada para pintura gruesa, pintura industrial, revestimiento comercial, como masilla de yeso, epoxi, betún, yeso, loastermérica, etc

Airless pintura spray - neumatico

Sistema de pintura spray Airless neumatico para pintura en trabajo industrial pesado. Sistema airless accionado por compresor de aire, para proyecto de pintado epoxi anti-corrosion en suelo de astillero

Bomba de doble membrana

Bomba de doble membrana para transferencia de fluidos / para acabado de pintura fino, con spray de poca presion (sistema con aire) pero gran rendimiento, para superficies de mobiliario de madera

Bomba de piston para spray de pintura Airless

Bomba de piston para spray de pintura Airless de 1 a 5 litros, control de presion electronica, bomba de pisto para spray de pintura con motor sin escobillas y lectura digital disponible

Boquilla de Spray Airless

Boquillas de spray Airless de mango 11.1 y 11.4mm, carburo de tugsteno, La boquilla de spray soporta presiones de 5000 a 7500PSI, boquilla desde 0.011 hasta 0.043inch

Dos componentes pulverización

Equipo de pulverización de pintura airless de alta presión para dos componentes, rociado plural de componentes duales, calentamiento / calentamiento, mezclado y pulverización, como resina y gel coat, epoxi

Electrostatic coating equipment

equipo de recubrimiento electrostático en polvo es para el recubrimiento de superficies de metal, con alta eficiencia de pulverización, sin desperdicio. la máquina de pulverización de polvo electrostático es para uso en fábrica

Filtros para sistemas airless

Filtro para pistola airless, de succion, filtros de bomba manifold en malla de 30 60 80 100 150. Puede ser usado para maquinaria dp airless

Lijadora/aspiradora de yeso

Dustless Lijadora de yeso sin polvo con kit de limpieza/aspirador para trabajos de pulido sin polvo de lijado, herramienta ideal para constructores contratistas profesionales y disfruten de la bricomania.

Manguera airless

Manguera de alta presion para maquinaria de pintura spray sin aire de tamano 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2in presion de 230bar,500 bar, manguera de fibra o multifilar para pintura airless

Masilla / Yeso / Cemento de aspersion

Maquina spray de masilla de escayola / mortero de cemento para contratista profesional de la construccion, pulverizacion de la masilla de yeso, enyesado, tanto para interiores como exteriores

Otras piezas para sistema airless

Partes de aplicador, piston, sistemas de sellado hidraulico, diafragma, valvulas, membranas, fluido para las bombas , sistema de reparacion para equipos DP-Airless

Pistola de spray electrica HVLP

Pistola-spray electrica HVLP de baja presion, estacion de trabajo para pintura con sistema spray de aire caliente por turbina, combinado con motor compresor y pistolas de spray

Pistolas de pintura spray airless

Pistola Airless de pintura en spray, pistolas airless de pintura con un max de 270bar y 500bar, de gatillo de 2 o 4 dedos, aplicadores en nuevo modelo contractor FTX LX80 G10s

Pulverizador airless a gasolina

Equipo pulverizador de pintura airless a gas / gasolina, equipado con bomba airless de pistón o diafragma accionado por gas motor. El pulverizador airless a gas es ideal para trabajos de pintura exterior sin electricidad.

Pulverizador FineFinish Air-mix airless

Airmix Airless El rociador de pintura (combinado con el compresor de aire) está diseñado para un revestimiento de acabado fino de superficie precisa, como muebles, madera o automotriz. Combina el compresor de aire con el equipo de bomba de pulverización sin aire, la atomización será mejor terminando

Pulverizadores de textura

El rociador de texturas de paneles de yeso puede rociar todo tipo de textura pesada, rociar sobre el panel de yeso con forma de palomitas de maíz, con tolva o con bomba de tornillo, etc.

Reactor para espuma de poliuretano, spray de poliurea

Maquina pulverizadora/spray de poliuretano,equipo de spray de poliurea para aislamiento de aticos, rellenado de paredes, tanque con ratio 1:1 y 2:1 , accionado por compresor de aire o sistema hidraulico

Rodillo / almohadilla de pintura

Rodillo de pintura eléctrica / almohadilla para pincel, rodillo de pintura alimentado por batería, rodillo de pintura combinado con pulverizadores de pintura Airless, etc. para uso de hobby o contratista de bricolaje. Principalmente para pintura de látex de pared interna o externa

Sistema Airless de pintura en linea

Sistema Airless de pintura en linea, maquinaria para marcar lineas en carreteras , disenado para trabajo de senalizacion de calles y carreteras. Equipado con bomba , pistola y motor honda,3900L

Spray Airless de bomba de diafragma

Bomba de diafragma para sistemas de pintura spray Airless 1hp 1.5hp 2hp desde 2 hasta 4 litros, la bomba de diafragma genera un maximo de 250bar de presion, principalmente de uso para pintura latex

Tanques de pintura

Tanques de pintura de 10,20,30,40,60 y 80 litros de capacidad, tanques de mezclado manual / mezclado automatico por agitador de aire, ideales para trabajos de pintura de gran tamano funcionado con aire comprimido

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What's airless sprayer?

An airless sprayer is a pump that transfers paint under high pressure (usually around 3000 psi) via a high pressure paint hose (usually about 15m long) to a airless spray gun. When the trigger is pulled on the airless spray gun, fluid is released through a small orifice spray tip or nozzle which breaks up fluid into small droplets (atomization) without the use of compressed air. The tip also creates the fan pattern of the atomized spray depending on the size of the tip selected.

The airless sprayer has lot of advantage, such as high efficiency (it can spray 300-1500 sq.meters per hour), save your time, save your paint, less overspray, equal finish, Can spray high viscosity paints, and also save thinner cost....

The airless paint spraying is 10 times faster than hand brushing, 7 times than paint roller, 2 times to conventional air paint sprayer. but airless has much less overspray, less bounce back of the paint on the spraying surface. so the airless spray equipment is ideal for large area painting job like a house, roofing, wall, floor, steel structure, waterproofing or fireproofing etc.

Who is DP airless paint sprayer?

China Dino-power is professional manufacturer and supplier for high pressure airless paint sprayers , electric / gas / hydraulic / pneumatic airless sprayers , air-operated double diaphragm pump etc. which are suitable for all kinds of big area painting jobs such as wall, roofing, floor, house, building and construction, metal structure fabrication, shipyard & decks, factory, residential, commercial, interiors and exteriors decoration, fire proof, putty spray, anticorrosive project etc.

Spraying with all kinds of materials like primers, basecoats topcoats, lacquer, latex, paints, emulsions, enamels, high solid epoxy, polyurethane, emulsion coating, etc bothoil-based & water-based coatings in low, medium to high viscosity.

Currently we're selling to countries all over the world, over 60% are for American & European countries. all our sprayers have 1 year warranty, and the pro series got 2 years warranty. all our paint sprayers are 100% tested before ship out. we'll always ensure the best quality & best performance for our equipments. Contact us now if your want to be our representative or distributor in your country. we'll support you with competitive price, professional service, and fast delivery.

Selecting the Correct Airless Paint Sprayer For the Job

One of the first decisions that you need to make when choosing an airless paint sprayer has to do with the size job that you are going to be doing. If you’re just going to be doing smaller jobs around the house, you can generally pick up a small paint sprayer like our X6, this model can certainly handle small to medium-size painting jobs around the home.

For larger jobs, you may want to have a heavier duty unit . You can purchase a larger pump with minimum 2L/min output capacity, depending on your needs and budget. The large pump covers electric sprayer from 2L to 7L per minute, and hydraulic pump from 6L to 13L, Gas powered sprayer from 4L to 8L.....

Generally speaking, when you chose the right airless sprayer for your job, please consider the below 4 main points:

1. What materials will you be spraying? The type of material being sprayed will determine the spray tip size needed. you can take reference from the tip size selection guide and check the right spray tip for right material.

2. How many gallons per week will you spray? or how many square meters you would spray? Different size paint spraying job need different capacity sprayer equipments.

3. What types of surfaces will you be spraying? Different surfaces require different material and finish quality. You have to consider the material and desired finish in order to choose the right sprayer and spray tip.

4. How much do you want to spend?

When is it TIME to replace your roller sleeve?

Some customers would ask “how many hours worked should i change the roller sleeve of DP-AR100?” or “what’s the lifetime of the roller sleeve?” like these. To be honest, it doesn’t have a standard time to change it, but below are some of our sugg...
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DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption

DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption DP-750 dust absorption is designed to work with drywall sander for dust collection to instead of vacuum cleaner. Features: Blower & Dust-collector 2 in 1 function. Big capacity dust bag 80L, it's av...
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DP-2821 DP-2831 Two Components Airless Painting Machine (Fix Ratio)

DP-2821 1:2 two components paint sprayer with 3suction tubes DP-2831 1:3 dual components paint sprayer system DP-2821 and DP-2831 are new designed pneumatic airless paint sprayer for dual component painting, 1:2 or 1:3 fix mixing ratio. Tec...
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DP-UB30P Single Cylinder/DP-UB80P Dual Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump

DP-UB30P Single Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump DP-UB80P Dual Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump Applications: DP-UB30P(with single cylinder) and DP-UB80P(with dual cylinder) cement mortar sprayer with piston p...
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Ponta de pulverizador mal ventilada da baixa pressão do revestimento DP-637FF

Ponta de pulverizador mal ventilada da baixa pressão do revestimento DP-637FF O bico de pulverização sem ar de baixa pressão DP-637FF proporciona um acabamento fino com baixa pressão de pulverização airless, proporcionando um ventilador de pulver...
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