UK British Airless Paint Sprayer review

Airless paint sprayer is getting more popular in UK British / England / Ireland market.
Thus in years ago many people only know the traditional air spray gun, electric paint spray gun, they don’t know much about the airless paint sprayer, how to use it / how to maintain and how to clean it
so you can find a lot of pneumatic spray gun, electrical paint sprayer through google / ebay / amazon UK
but you couldn’t find a lot of airless paint sprayers online.
it’s not strange, when I talked with one of British big distributor for the tools / machinery, he said they don’t want to sell the airless paint sprayers through their sales channel, because the painters don’t lubricate the pump before spraying, people forgot to clean the machine after finish the spraying job.
that’s why a lot of headache after the sales, and it will of course increase the cost of the machine.
they need professional technician to teach the user how to use it, how to maintain, and how to clean. and most important they need to stock the spare parts and repair it quickly if there’s any problem.
but nowadays the UK distributors don’t have enough stock for the machine and parts,

Grac is the No.1 leading brand for the airless paint sprayers originated from USA, but they don’t have lots of distributor in UK / England / Ireland, and their spare parts is extremely expensive.

The distributors in UK such as SprayDirect, TradeSpray, Lion etc. they are selling some popular item such as GRAC Magnum X5, X7, or Ultra max 390 395 595 etc.

Wagner is Germany company dedicated in airless sprayer for many years, but their sales getting less and less, because of the economic crisis in Europe and other western countries.

The company Machine Mart sell the wagner electrical hvlp spray guns, and some DIY airless sprayer such as the paintcrew / projectpro119, but they don’t sell the bigger piston pumps. You can find bigger machine from Lion industries company etc.

DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/minDP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer for DIY / hobby user

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Airless Spray System for putty spraying

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Electric Airless Sprayer

People are seeking the similar quality airless paint sprayers but much cheaper price than these leading brand.
and now more and more distributor start to sell DP brand airless paint sprayer equipments. and the feedback is 95% positive, because the stable performance and very little complaint.

DP are making effort to produce high quality paint sprayer machines to as to win more market share, and meanwhile DP is going to make CD rom for each package, so as to teach the painter how to use / maintain / repair the machines

Currently the professional series piston pump paint sprayer equipment has 2 years warranty.

and could be supplied with 110v 60hz or 220v 50hz both electrcal voltage with british plug.

so if you want to distribute our DP brand airless sprayers, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll give you the best service, best price, and also best quality to support you.


if you’re end user / painter, and you want to buy our DP airless sprayers, please send email to us and tell us your phone number, we’ll ask our British / Irland representative to contact you immediately. thanks for your support!


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  1. Go Paintsprayer
    2016/04/11 at 22:19:22

    I love spray paint!! I do wish there were a wider range of colors. I’ve learned to do several very light coats to avoid drips.

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