spray the disinfectant liquid against corona virus

The COVID-19 Corona Virus is spreading all over the world, it cause the disease / death, and no working for so many people. Use our DP airless paint sprayer to spray the medical disinfectant liquid & Solutions againt CORONAVIRUS, The X6 airless sprayer could spray medical disinfectant about 12-15 square meters per minute, it’s 5 times faster than normal low pressure electric spray gun, it has best atomization and highest efficiency. So it’s ideal for Cleaning And Disinfecting your home, public area, mall, office, hall, hospital, school, sports field, cinema, restaurant etc. large area size job, or continous spraying. it will totally save your cost and your time.


We have the paint sprayer pump in 220v 50hz, or 110v 60hz, the kit could be attached with 50ft 15m hose for long distance spraying. (the standard hose length is 7.5m)
and the kit of the airless sprayer has the spray gun / spray tip, hose, 30cm extension pole in the box. so everything get ready to spray.

Buy the airless paint sprayer for high pressure spraying the disinfectant, let’s work together to kill the corona virus, save the people, save the job, save the world!

Spray the medical disinfectant liquid & Solutions againt CORONAVIRUS, for Cleaning And Disinfecting

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Below is the link of the X6 paint sprayer pump for spraying liquid anti virus.

welcome to take a look, and contact us freely if you want to buy it.


  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/min

if you want to take a look of the video, below link is how’s performance for spraying the disinfectant liquid against the COVID-19 corona virus.



For the small area spraying job, we’d like to recommend you the below electric HVLP paint spray guns, which has a small tank for containing the liquid.

then you need to refill the disinfectant liquid after you sprayed it out.

and the spraying volume is about 0.3L/min, the pressure is about 1-3psi.

  • DP-003 Electric Paint Spray Gun Combo Kit




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