DP-6337ib Airless Sprayer for Intumescent Fireproofing Paint Material

      What are intumescent coatings?

      Intumescent coatings provide an appearance similar to that of a paint finish. At ambient temperatures, they remain stable. However, in a fire situation, the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction.

      The intumescent coating expands to many times its original thickness. This provides an insulating foam-like coating or “char” which protects the substrate.


      Protecting steelwork

      The intumescent coating is designed to insulate the steel, and prevent the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical point at which structural failure becomes possible.


      Protecting timber structures

      Timber structures are more susceptible to the surface spread of flame and heat propagation. Intumescents are designed to reduce heat propagation, and reduce the spread of flame.

      Intumescent Paint

      How do intumescents work?

      The expansion process is caused by the interaction of three precisely formulated components:

      Carbon supplierPolyols as starch, pentaerythritol
      Acid sourceAmmonium polyphosphate
      Expanding agentMelamine
      NoteThese components are bound in a solvent or water-borne polymeric binder. Other components are added to improve the paint properties, enable easy application, enhance build and achieve faster drying.


      Typical intumescent process

      As heat is applied the chemical reaction begins:


      The heat begins to soften the polymeric binder.

      It also causes an organic acid to be released from the Ammonia Polyphosphate.

      Carbonisation of the polyols begins.

      As the blowing agent (melamine) decomposes, gas is produced which swells the molten mixture.

      Finally, the foamed char solidifies, through a cross-linking reaction, to maintain the insulation.

      In an ideal situation, intumescent can expand to around 100 times its original thickness. To achieve this requires careful selection of formulation components and precise matching of processes involved.


      Storage and Handling:

      Store the paint in proper conditions as per the local regulations. Keep the paint container in sealed condition under shed, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Don’t stock paint material near to any ignition sources. Don’t put back the half or unused material back in original container containing the supplies paint, to avoid contamination. Handle with care. Stir well before use.


      Technical data:

      Color, dry filmWhite or cool green
      Finish, dry filmSmooth / Matt
      Volume solids54±2%
      Solids (by weight)66±2%
      Specific gravity1.35±0.05
      Theoretical spreading2.70M 2 / Ltr – 1.8M 2 / Ltr
      Recommended DFT (dry film)200-300Microns/Coat
      Recommended WFT (wet film)370-555 Microns/Coat
      Fire resistance timeUp to 4hours
      NoteAn experienced applicator can apply up to 680 microns per coat using airless sprayer.


      Drying time:

      TemperatureTouch dryDry to recoatHard dry
      10 ºC(50 ºF)6hours24hoursUnlimited
      15 ºC(59 ºF)5hours24hoursUnlimited
      25 ºC(77 ºF)4hours20hoursUnlimited
      40 ºC(104 ºF)3hours18hoursUnlimited


      Additional data:

      Shelf life at 30ºC6 months, in original sealed container, with proper storage conditions. Store in dry and cool place (5-35ºC)



      Application data:

      Application methodAirless sprayer, brush, roller
      Cleaning / thinningWater
      Thinner (volume)Ready to use, when applied by spray equipment, otherwise and if necessary, use up to 10% thinning with water.
      CONV. Spray requirementsPossible
      Airless spray requirementsPressure: 120-150bar (1700-2125psi)
      Nozzle size0.019”-0.021”
      Mixing ratio (by volume)One pack


      Our DP-6337ib professional electric airless sprayer piston pump could be used for water-based intumescent paint spraying, prefect finish.


      Ideal for oil-based and water-based fireproofing materials painting (about 1mm thickness each layer).

      Two guns spraying at the same time is available, high efficiency, save more working time.

      Technical data:

      Model No.DP-6337ib with brushless motor
      Voltage220-240V/50-60HZ, 110V/60HZ
      Pressure controlElectronical + digital
      Max. flow rate7L/min
      Max. tip size (1 gun)0.043”
      Max. tip size (2 guns)0.027”
      Max. spraying pressure120bar/1740psi(0.041”)

      Electric Airless Paint Sprayer for Spraying Putty PlasterDP-6337iB Electric Airless Piston Pump 7.0L for intumescent paint spraying


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      1. Aaron Duff
        2015/09/29 at 10:08:20

        I am reviewing the fire proofing paint product. Do you have any certification from FM or UL or any other third aprty testing lab that product meeting fire proofing requirements.
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